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Hajvery University Lahore recently hosted a seminar , *”Potential Challenges of Pharmaceutical Industry & Role of Young Pharmacists”*. featuring *Dr. Zeba Ahmad Shuja, the CEO of Schazoo Zaka (Pvt) Ltd*.

The seminar, held on December 6, 2023, Wednesday, provided a platform for students to gain valuable insights into the pharmaceutical industry’s current challenges and the pivotal role young pharmacists can play in addressing them.

Dr. Shuja, an esteemed figure in the pharmaceutical sector, shared her experiences and expertise, emphasizing the need for innovation, ethical practices, and adaptability in overcoming regulatory and developmental complexities.

The interactive session included a dynamic question-and-answer segment where students actively engaged with Dr. Zeba Ahmad Shuja. The questions ranged from industry trends to seeking advice on career paths within the pharmaceutical sector. Dr. Shuja’s thoughtful responses not only addressed the students’ queries but also provided valuable guidance, creating an enriching learning experience. The seminar successfully bridged the gap between academia and industry, offering students a unique opportunity to connect with a seasoned professional and gain insights that extend beyond the classroom. The university looks forward to hosting more such impactful events, fostering a culture of knowledge exchange and collaboration between students and industry leaders.

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