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Aid and Scholarships

Take advantage of the experiential-learning opportunities built into many programs.

HU Scholarship

Hajvery University is committed to providing excellence in education through a variety of merit and need based scholarships to bright and needy students. We believe in nurturing the talent within our students and recognizing outstanding academic performance through merit scholarship awards and accolades. We also offer need based scholarships to deserving students.

Merit Scholarship

These highly competitive scholarships are intended to reward outstanding academic performance at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. HU offers up to 50% waiver on tuition fees for students qualifying for Academic Excellency Scholarships.

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Family Scholarship

We offer tuition fees waiver to the family of our alumni and existing students. This scholarship covers the siblings, parents, spouse, and children of our alumni and existing students. You just need to provide evidence of your relationships to receive a 25% reduction in tuition fees.

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Alumni Scholarship

While upholding and promoting our core value of honoring our alumni. HU offers attractive alumni scholarships to our returning alumni who seek to pursue further education at their home university. We appreciate your passion for learning and deeply value your loyalty to HU. You are eligible for a 25% waiver of tuition fee if you join HU for completing your second or subsequent degree.

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Need Based Financial Aid

HU offers generous need-based scholarships to deserving students. The final decision is made after scrutiny of evidence provided by the applicants. Followed by a brief interview for assessment. The scholarship is treated as Qarz-e- Hasana, which the applicant has to repay through a 3-5 year installment pian. After the successful completing of his degree. HU offers up to 50% waiver of tuition fee through need-based scholarships.

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Scholarships for Women

We understand that women face considerably more challenges when it comes to securing and affording quality educational prospects. While HU believes in delivering equal educational opportunities to women. We offer a wide range of scholarships only to women, with the underlying motive to help them bridge the gap and chip away the glass ceiling.

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Outstanding Sportsmen and Extracurricular Scholarships

We offer up to 30% waiver in tuition fees to outstanding sportsmen with the zeal and ambition in a number of sports. We also offer up to a 30% waiver in tuition fee to students who outperform others in extracurricular activities.

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Differently-Abled Scholarships

We believe each one of you has their own skills and talents. For all those who are differently-abled with special concerns such as physical or learning impairments, we offer up to 70% waiver in tuition fees.

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Remote Area Scholarships

Hajvery University(HU) has an interdisciplinary and multicultural student body. We encourage students from all geographical regions to apply for admission at HU. Moreover, we also have special incentives and scholarships for students applying from select regions.

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Discounts to children of Shuhuda

Recognizing the contributions of Shuhuda to the progress and prosperity of our country. HU offers 25% admission free wavier to children of shuhuda, on the provision of required certified documents. We also offer a 20% admission fee wavier to the children of government teachers(up to scale 16) in recognition of their service to the educational sector.

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Rules for Governing Financial Aid and Scholarship

All kinds of discounts, waivers, scholarships, and financial aid are applicable to tuition fees only. Admission and library fees are not refundable in any case. Continuation of all financial aids and scholarships, except outstanding sportsmen and extracurricular scholarships, in subsequent semesters in the subject to maintenance of CGPA criteria otherwise scholarships will be revoked.

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