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Online Assignment

An Overview of
HU Learning Management System

Video Lectures

Stream LIVE Lectures on Zoom or watch pre-recorded Lectures on HU Learning Management System (LMS). Anywhere, anytime learning ensures HU Students can watch Video Lectures as many times as required to maximize their learning potential.

Course Materials

Everything from Course Outline to PowerPoint Slides, Handouts, Assignments, Quizzes and Video Lectures can be accessed Online on the HU Learning Management System so students may access it anytime, anywhere to complete their assigned coursework. 

Discussion Boards

Online Discussion Boards supplement learning by providing students and faculty to interact outside the classrooms. Each course has its separate discussion board in the HU Learning Management System where students can raise questions for faculty regarding coursework.

Online Assignments

Assignments and Quizzes is an integral part of the coursework, HU Learning Management System enables faculty to give assignments and quizzes to their students. Online computation of Quizzes provide immediate results thus identifying the learning gaps for students to cover up.


HU Digital Library features a vast collection of publications, books, research journals, and resources to help student sand researchers alike.

E-Learning System

HU Learning Management System is a comprehensive system of Online Teaching Pedagogies supplemented by technology to enhance the student experience at every learning stage and provide the rigors of quality education for the 21st century to students of Hajvery University.

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