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Pharmacy Students from Hajvery University 9th Semester Batch 18B Embark on Educational Tour to English Pharmaceutical Industries in Lahore.

On Thursday May 23, 2024, students from the Faculty of Pharmacy (Batch-18 B, 9th Semester) at Hajvery University (HU) had the privilege of touring English Pharmaceutical Industries in Lahore. The management of English Pharmaceutical Industries extended a warm welcome to the students, setting the tone for an informative and engaging visit.
Throughout the tour, the students had the opportunity to explore various key departments, including the manufacturing facility, Quality Control (QC) laboratory, Research and Development (R&D) wing, and Packaging department. Each area provided an in-depth view of the intricate processes involved in pharmaceutical production, from formulation to packaging, ensuring precision and quality at every stage.
The staff at English Pharmaceutical Industries showcased a range of analytical techniques, emphasizing the critical importance of maintaining high standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Their demonstrations were not only educational but also highlighted the meticulous efforts required to produce safe and effective pharmaceutical products.
The visit concluded with an interactive Q&A session, where students gained valuable insights into career opportunities and current industry trends. This session proved to be particularly inspiring, offering students a glimpse into the professional world they are about to enter.
Overall, this visit significantly enriched the students’ academic knowledge, providing them with a practical understanding of their studies and inspiring their future careers as pharmacists.



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