Current Students

Hajvery University

icostudentlifeCampus life and being a part the students union at HU is a very unique experience. We give our students a platform and the liberty to express every aspect of themselves. They can create a synergy with the HU management to arrange sports events, art exhibitions, cultural shows, social events, form societies and conduct educational seminars for the intellectual minds. Furthermore if you’ve got a brilliant idea, we’ll gladly lend you an ear! Go to the student life section.
icoextracurricularLahore itself being a metropolitan city, and the hub of all that is ‘In’ and ‘happening’ in the country provides endless possibilities of entertainment. Combine that with the close proximity of our campuses to what can be called the downtown of Lahore (since there isn’t one per se) what you have is a myriad of multiplex cinemas, art theaters, restaurants and coffee shops which can make the city seem a paradise if you are a social bug.
icostudentEveryone likes versatile people, companies look for this quality in their employees, in social groups versatile people always have something to add and experience to share, moreover in your professional career you might be faced with the dilemma of changing careers for some divine reason which is why it is so important to be versatile in life.