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Published on: News

Pharmacy Students from Hajvery University’s (Batch-20) Embark on Educational Tour to Indus Hospital

On Thursday, May 16th, 2024, students from the esteemed Hajvery University, Faculty of Pharmacy (Batch-20), embarked on a highly anticipated educational tour to the renowned Indus Hospital in Lahore. With a sense of excitement and reverence, these budding pharmacists immersed themselves in this invaluable learning opportunity. Guided by experienced mentors, they traversed the corridors of the hospital, eager to absorb insights into the intricacies of healthcare delivery and patient-centered care. From observing medical procedures to engaging in enlightening discussions with healthcare professionals, every moment of the tour offered a glimpse into the holistic approach of Indus Hospital towards healing and compassion. This immersive experience not only deepened their understanding of pharmaceutical practice but also instilled in them a profound sense of responsibility and empathy towards their future patients.

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