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Published on: News

Pharmacy Students from Hajvery University’s 9th Semester Embark on Educational Tour to Indus Hospital

On Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, the 9th-semester Pharmacy students from Hajvery University embarked on an enriching educational tour to The Indus Hospital in Lahore. Bursting with anticipation and fueled by a thirst for knowledge, these students stepped into the hospital with eagerness and curiosity. Guided by seasoned professionals, they ventured through the hospital’s halls, absorbing insights into the intricacies of healthcare provision and the nuances of patient care. From witnessing clinical procedures firsthand to engaging in enlightening discussions with compassionate healthcare practitioners, each moment of the tour offered invaluable learning experiences. This immersive excursion not only expanded their academic horizons but also cultivated within them a profound sense of empathy and duty towards their future roles in the healthcare arena.

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