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Pharma-D ( Doctor of Pharmacy )

Degree Overview


  • Lahore


  • Medication
  • Drug Information
  • Transition of Care


5/6 Courses + Lab Work
TOTAL = 198 Cr. Hrs.


10 Semesters / 5 Years


Minimum 60%-Marks(F.Sc Pre-Medical), A-Levels(Biology, Chemistry, Physics) OR   Equivalent.


Regular Class Room Based

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Faculty of Pharmacy

Degree Program

Pharma – D

Semester Overview

Semester 1

  • English-A (Functional English)
  • Pharmaceutics-IA (Physical Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IA (Organic)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIA/(Biochemistry)
  • Physiology-A
  • Anatomy & Histology

Semester 2

  • English-B (Communication & Writing skills)
  • Pharmaceutics-IB (Physical Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IB (Organic)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIB (Biochemistry)
  • Physiology-B
  • Physiology-B

Semester 3

  • Islamic Studies
  • Pharmaceutics-IIA (Dosage Forms Science)
  • Pharmaceutics-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology)
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IA
  • Pharmacognosy-IA (Basic)
  • Pharmacy Practice-IA (Pharmaceutical Mathematics)

Semester 4

  • Pakistan Studies
  • Pharmaceutics-IIB (Dosage Forms Science)
  • Pharmaceutics-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology)
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-IB
  • Pharmacognosy-IB (Basic)
  • Pharmacy Practice-IB (Biostatistics)

Semester 5

  • Pharmacy Practice-IIA (Dispensing Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Analysis)
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-IIA
  • Pharmacognosy-IIA (Advanced)
  • Pathology
  • Pathology

Semester 6

  • Pharmacy Practice-IIB (Community, Social
  • & Administrative Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Analysis)
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIB
  • Pharmacognosy-IIB (Advanced)
  • Pharmacy Practice-III (Computer & its App in Pharmacy)

Semester 7

  • Pharmacy Practice-IVA (Hospital Pharmacy)
  • Pharmacy Practice-VA (Clinical Pharmacy-I)
  • Pharmaceutics-IVA (Industrial Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutics-VA (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics)
  • Pharmaceutics-VIA (Pharmaceutical Quality Mgmt.)

Semester 8

  • Pharmacy Practice-IVB (Hospital Pharmacy)
  • Pharmacy Practice-VB (Clinical Pharmacy-I)
  • Pharmaceutics-IVB (Industrial Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutics-VB (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics)
  • Pharmaceutics-VIB (Pharmaceutical Quality Mgmt.)

Semester 9

  • Pharmaceutics-VIIA (Pharmaceutical Technology)
  • Pharmacy Practice-VIA (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II)
  • Pharmacy Practice-VIIA (Forensic Pharmacy)
  • Pharmacy Practice-VIIA (Pharmaceutical Mgt & Marketing)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVA (Medicinal Chemistry)

Semester 10

  • Pharmacy Practice-IVB (Hospital Pharmacy)
  • Pharmacy Practice-VB (Clinical Pharmacy-I)
  • Pharmaceutics-IVB (Industrial Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutics-VB (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics)
  • Pharmaceutics-VIB (Pharmaceutical Quality Mgmt.)


HU awards various types of merit and need-based scholarships in different programs. Merit scholarships are awarded at the time of Admission while Need-based financial assistance can be requested during the course of study. You can apply now for scholarships:

Need-Based Scholarships

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Women Scholarships Program

Orphan Scholarships

OR Call: 0304-1116667

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Fee Structure


Admission Fee Rs: 50,000/- (payable onetime only)
Per Course Fee Rs: 35,000/-
Per Semester Lab Rs: 20,000/-
Admission Time Rs 50,000/- + Rs 35,000/-(Each Subject) +20000 Lab


Admission Fee
Per Course Fee
Per Semester Lab
Admission Time

Career Opportunities

There Are Many Career Opportunities Available For You Such As:

Forensic /DTL Laboratories


Retail Pharmacy & Community Centers

Pharmacy Colleges/Universities Research Centers

Pharmaceutical Industries


Clinical Research


Top Companies Hire HU Graduates

Over 150 Prominent Companies Visit Hajvery University For Recruitment

Degree Recognition

HU is Chartered By Govt. Of Pakistan As a Degree Awarding University And is Ranked As Top Category University By Higher Education Commission Of Pakistan (HEC)
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