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HU International Linkages

Hajvery University(HU) has signed bilateral agreements with 80+ partner universities. The goal of the cooperation with partners is to support international cooperation and extending the international contact network, mobilities of staff members and students, carry out joint projects and research. Additionally, the universities have over 50 Erasmus+ partners.

Internationalization as Stepping Stone

The development of bilateral and multilateral international relations is the key elements of the HUs internationalization policy. We believe in promoting education as well s scientific exchange. Hence, we enjoy cooperation agreements with more than 80 foreign partners from 50 countries, including universities, research centers, diplomatic academies and other institutes, to ensure the highest global standards in educational and research work.


Student Mobility

It is the broad internationalization that allows HU to offer its students global mobility, both physically and online. Thanks to our strong and ever-growing partnerships, our students are able to secure well-rounded education and expand their horizons. Each year our exchange programs with foreign universities witness more than 100 international students enrolling t HU for a semester or full academic year. Depending on their specialization, international exchange students choose from a variety of courses taught in different programs.

Lecturer Mobility

We seek to capitalize upon the international know-how and intercultural skills of our lecturers and researchers. Hence, we focus on their mobility since there is a prestigious asset for HU. They not only help us maintain and expand our internationalization pains but also bring diversity, innovation, and new perspectives to our classrooms. They help create a real in-depth benchmark for education.


Actions that Matter

To date, HU has partnered with 80+ universities all around the world. The majority of our partner institutions are located in Europe. We work with our European partners through Erasmus+ agreements. Erasmus+ is a European-wide fund for educational institutions that facilities students and young professionals in studying and gaining real-life experience at locations abroad.

In a Brief

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Get In a Touch

Are you a lecturer or researcher from another country? Or are you a student from a partner university? Do you represent a company and are interested in collaborating on a project? Whatever you interest, we'd love to hear from you.

Contact HU today to get more information email.


Become a Partner!

One of the primary tasks of our international office is the coordination of international cooperation agreements with universities from around the world. If you are a prospective partner who wants to establish cooperation links with Hajvery University, our international office team will be pleased to assists you!

Reach us at: to find on how to get the ball rolling.

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