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Published on: News

HU QEC Department Organize a Seminar For Faculty & Students on “Vision, Mission & Core Values”.

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) Department at Hajvery University organized a seminar aimed at both faculty and students, focusing on the critical themes of “Vision, Mission & Core Values”. Held with the intention of fostering a deeper understanding of these fundamental concepts, the seminar provided a platform for robust discussions and reflections. Faculty members and students alike had the opportunity to explore the significance of establishing a clear vision and mission statement for the university, aligning organizational goals with overarching principles. Moreover, the discussion delved into the importance of identifying and upholding core values that define the institution’s culture and guide its actions. Through engaging presentations, interactive sessions, and collaborative exercises, participants gained valuable insights into the pivotal role these elements play in shaping the identity and direction of an academic institution like Hajvery University. The seminar served as a catalyst for cultivating a shared sense of purpose and commitment among the university community towards realizing its vision and upholding its core values.

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