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HU Pharmaceutical Technology Project Display 2024

Pharm-D students at Hajvery University presented an array of groundbreaking research projects. The exhibition aimed to not only display their innovations but also to lay the groundwork for the commercialization of new drug delivery systems, explore the application of nanotechnology in pharmaceuticals, and introduce assessment and efficacy models, among other significant research endeavors.

The event garnered active participation from leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, representatives from hospitals, esteemed researchers, dedicated educators, and pharmacy students from various colleges and universities. This diverse participation facilitated invaluable professional networking opportunities for students, fostering connections with key stakeholders in the ever-crucial pharmaceutical sector.

It’s noteworthy that Hajvery University (HU) stands as a Government Chartered University, holding recognition from both the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. This endorsement solidifies HU’s commitment to delivering quality education and making significant contributions to the field of pharmacy.

The showcased projects underscored the university’s dedication to advancing pharmaceutical knowledge and fostering innovation. The exhibition not only provided a platform for students to demonstrate their skills and ideas but also served as a nexus for collaboration and knowledge exchange within the pharmaceutical community.

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