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Published on: News

HU Final Year Project Display & Seminar (Organized by Faculty of Computer Sciences)

On September 4, 2023, the Faculty of Computer Sciences at Hajvery University orchestrated a remarkable event with its Final Year Project Display and Seminar. This event served as a culmination of the tireless efforts and dedication exhibited by the graduating students throughout their academic journey. With an array of innovative projects on display, ranging from software applications to hardware prototypes, the event showcased the practical skills and theoretical knowledge acquired by the students during their tenure at the university. Attendees were treated to interactive demonstrations and insightful presentations, providing them with a firsthand glimpse into the cutting-edge advancements emerging from the faculty. Moreover, the seminar aspect of the event facilitated engaging discussions and knowledge exchange among students, faculty members, and industry experts, fostering a collaborative environment for learning and innovation. Overall, the Final Year Project Display and Seminar on September 4, 2023, not only celebrated the achievements of the graduating cohort but also underscored the university’s commitment to nurturing talent and excellence in the field of computer science.

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