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Published on: News

Cultural & Musical Event

Hajvery University hosted a very successful Cultural & Musical  Event for their students where our students showcased their cultures through dance, music,  and much more. HU’s Music Society and Dramatic Society mesmerized the audience with their performances.

All the faculty members were present to support HU Students’ fun-filled evening. It was conducted on 26th November 2022. Student Societies actively participated and mesmerized the students with a series of activities like Musical Night, Bonfire, Food, Lantern Show, Singing Gala, Cultural dances, and much more.

Everyone’s compositions from the #HU Music Society were played by a full band using different musical instruments. It was interesting to see so many students attend this event with their beautiful cultural and traditional costumes to display their talents, cultural beliefs, values, identities, and different foods. There was an amazing aroma around the University Campus as students shared food with each other.

Well done to all our students who participated, their wonderful performances on Sufi Songs, Tanura Performances & Jhummar Performances (Sariki Dance) celebrating our diversity and representing their cultures and identity made for an entertaining and enriching event.

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