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Published on: Business

Career Development Workshop By Mr. Qaiser Abbas, Author Of International Best-seller Tick Tick Dollar

7:40 PM GMT+5 July 25, 2022 (ThrowBack)


Hajvery University (HU) Career Development Society (CDS) held an event for the motivation and emotional support of the youth mainly the students of Hajvery University. The event catered to anybody who cared to attend and listen to the wonderful speaker, be it the youth or even a 70 year old could benefit from the pearls of wisdom scattered on that wonderful day. The speaker was Qaiser Abbas. Pakistans highest paid motivational speaker and probably a pioneer of what he does in our country. And the author of International Best-seller Tick Tick Dollar.

The environment was electric and for the first time in a while everybody attending the event was expecting quite nice things to come their way. This was the reason the auditorium was packed. The theme was DREAM BIG AND HAVE BELIEF. His speech was highly motivational he said nobody in your life tells you your potential but always its you who should belief in his own potential. That belief led you to dream big one night and bigger the next night. But dreaming was not everything, to back up those dreams; you have to work day and night, tirelessly and ferociously towards his goals. Students energies renewed, their picture about their selves totally changed and changed for the good.

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