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Why Hajvery


Exceptional Education

Excellent student satisfaction, world-leading quality of research, and high teaching standards are a strong testament to HU’s dedication to its students. Our lectures are delivered by some of the best and most talented faculty. Classes are designed to ensure that all students received quality Education. We offer a transformative experience that occurs beyond the confines of the classroom. We take pride in our differences, engage in respectful dialogue, and work with each other as partners and collaborators.

HU by the Numbers

We are home to some of the most extraordinarily talented individuals from around the world. Our University brings together people from different backgrounds and houses a diverse and vibrant community. Explore why students from across the globe continue to choose Hajvery.






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Student Clubs And Societies

A Day at HU

At HU we tend to develop a very friendly and cordial relationship with their students. Where they can feel free to interact anytime. HU provides a great environment for students to accelerate their practical and rational learning. We have provided various academic and non-academic platforms where students can explore themselves in more effective ways. We inspire students to take part in different academic societies, encourage them to volunteer and socialize in university events. Create and make a great experience from the opportunities that HU is providing in the educational domains. Make the best of the unique experience that HU has to offer!

Hostel Accommodation

These hostels provide a homely atmosphere to their residents, they are safe and well maintained. We are what we eat, therefore we must eat healthily and for that purpose, our hostels have their catering services to provide you with fresh food.

Student Clubs and Societies:

Societies play a pivotal role in polishing your interpersonal or people skills, adding to your knowledge whether in dramatics, debating, or chess. At HU, we have several societies but we never say no to brilliant ideas

Sports Facilities

we want our students to stay healthy and stay sharp. The university campuses offer spacious grounds to play a cornucopia of games, whether its a game of badminton or table tennis or the game which sets our pulse rocketing skywards, yes the game of cricket!


Rather than one centralized library, both campuses have their respective libraries. Both of which carry over tens of thousands of medical journals, textbooks on any subject ranging from computers to economics and newspapers because we at HU take the needs of the best and the brightest seriously.


In how many ways can you say delicious food? Our cafeteria can say it in more than 100 ways in just one language, that’s the number of items on their menu. But there’s more, the food they serve is hygienic, it’s fresh and the cafeteria sitting provides a great experience on its own!

Your Support System at HU

During your time here, the campus will be your home away from home. That is why we take immense pride in maintaining an environment where our members can learn, grow and thrive. We offer a variety of services to ensure that your experience here is productive and rewarding.


At HU, we believe teaching & class environments should be pleasant and even fun! Long gone are the days of monotonous voices in the classrooms followed by copying the blackboard for hours. Teachers use projectors to deliver their lectures. The teacher-student interaction is streamlined for a great learning experience.


At HU we have signed bilateral agreements with 80+ partner universities. The goals of the cooperation with partner universities are to support International Cooperation and extend the international contact network, mobility of staff members and students, carry out joint projects and research initiatives.


At HU you will get personalized attention, when you join you can discuss your future road maps with the career counselors, the teaching faculty at HU is will never say No to a question and will gladly assist you after the class times. The administration is will ensure your university environment is up to the mark or a daily basis


Hajvery University is committed to providing excellence in education through a variety of Merit and Need-Based Scholarships to bright and needy students. We believe in nurturing the talent within our students and recognizing outstanding academic performance through Merit Scholarship awards and accolades.

The HU Alumni Networks

As a HU student, you have access to one of the most supportive and powerful professional networks: the HU Alumni Network. This 55,000+ member body is actively connected and continues to contribute to private and public sectors in diverse industries around the globe.

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