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Unique & Innovative

Hajvery University has unique and innovative courses designed to provide teaching staff the opportunity to progress their own learning while having a significant impact on curriculum development in the university setting. The courses are designed to further their knowledge of how to enrich curricula through the natural world and outdoor learning pedagogy. The faithful implementation of a comprehensive, high-quality curriculum is a necessary, though not sufficient condition for high performance during university hours. High-quality instructional materials shape what students learn, how they engage with content, and how teachers manage their instructional time. Such a curriculum effectively sequences material for optimal benefit, and the best also incorporate evidence-based practices based on how students learn. The curriculum should serve as a bedrock of professional learning for teachers, and the lens through which continuous improvement in practice is both inspired and measured. Using well-designed, high-quality curricula can free teachers’ time and energy to practice and refine their instruction, since they are no longer urged or expected to essentially design their own. Few teachers have the time or the training to do that well

Knowledge Oriented

Hajvery University is providing a knowledge-rich curriculum that is nearly every major educational goal from improving reading comprehension to deepening critical thinking is knowledge-based. Without a broad, solid foundation of knowledge and vocabulary built from the first days of university, better student outcomes will not be achieved. We must ensure that all of our major and minor degrees are more generously taught to all students, especially those least likely to gain such knowledge outside. Beyond the knowledge specified for each unit, a knowledge-rich curriculum is planned vertically and horizontally, giving thought to the optimum knowledge sequence for building secure schemas. We provide ground professional development in the specific content of the curriculum and ensure it explains the research foundation for the curriculum’s framework and orientation

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