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Halloween Day

The HU School of Fashion Design and Photography Society organized Halloween and a Bonfire party in December.

Halloween night was an amazing evening, it started off with lots of Halloween decor, music, lights, and food, which then led it into a captivating night. The bonfire kicked off the festivities attended by more than 700 students wearing Halloween costumes, teachers, and faculty members.

Batman’s Joker was a big hit among the attendees, as well as the V for Vendetta character and of course the always-trendy Frankenstein. Three boys and three girls won the prize for Best Costume which was a lot of fun. Even though the rain invited itself to the party, it did not stop the dancing and celebrations as they carried on throughout the evening.

To add more zest to the night, there was DJ music and disco lights too, which further enhanced the ambiance of the night. On the dance floor, there were some fine break dancers, who showed their performances and were highly appreciated by everyone.

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