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Brand Management Projects Showcase at Hajvery University (HU)

HU Students of Commerce exhibited their new brands as part of their Brand Management course. Branding is an integral part of the success of any Company, good branding leads to profit maximization, and in tough economic times, it is a means of survival in a cut-throat market.

Students at Hajvery University learn how a successful brand is created, executed, and sustained. Quality, differentiation, profit, consumer preferences, the right price, name, recognition, association, trust, and innovation are some important aspects of brand management that are taught to students with the help of practical examples of national and international brands, like coca-cola, Nike, Apple, op tp, Sana safinaz, and several others.

The final part of the assessment of the Brand Management is Project-based. Students are required to create and project their own brands at the University.

The exhibition is open to the public, whereas external examiners are invited for assessment. Hajvery University Rector, Prof. Dr. Khalid Pervaiz was present at the occasion and commended the efforts of HU Commerce students. The Faculty and Students from all other departments also visited the exhibition to support the future entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

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