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ADP Computer Science pb


Degree Overview

Campus Name

Lahore, Sheikhupura

Degree Program

ADP Computer Science


Banking & Finance, Marketing, HRM, Entrepreneurship


4/5 Courses / Semester
20 course of 3Cr.Hrs including 20×3 = 60
Semester 9 = Project & Dissertation =02 cours= 06 Cr. Hrs
Total: 65-68 Cr. Hrs


Faculty of Computer Science & IT


F.Sc, A level, ICS OR Equivalent (Pre-Engineering or computer science group)

Program Duration

4  Semesters

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Semester Overview

Semester 1

  • Intro to Computing
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Calculus & Analytical Geometry
  • English Composition & Comprehension
  • Islamic & Pakistan Studies

Semester 2

  • Digital Logic & Computer Architecture
  • Physics (Electromagnetism)
  • Communication Skills
  • Data Structure & Algorithms
  • Software Engineering

Semester 3

  • Database Systems
  • Differential Equations
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data & Network Security
  • Web Engineering

Semester 4

  • Compiler Construction
  • Object Oriented Paradigm
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Technical & Business Writing
  • Operating Systems

Fee Structure

Admission Fee: Rs. 25,000/-
Per Semester Fee Rs: 90,000/-
Admission Time: Rs.25,000 + 90,000 = Rs.115,000/-
Admission Fee: Rs 20,000/-
Per Semester Fee: Rs: 62,500/-
Admission Time: Rs.20,000 + 62,500 = Rs. 82,500/

Hajvery University
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Our university may be located in the heart of Texas, but you'll find Texas A&M researchers and students involved in projects on every continent in the world. Thousands of Aggies study abroad each year, and on campus, we enroll more than 5,000 international students from 123 different countries.
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Top Companies Hire HU Graduates

Over 150 Prominent Companies Visit Hajvery University For Recruitment

Degree Recognition

HU is Chartered by Govt. of Pakistan as a Degree Awarding University and is ranked as top category University by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).

Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities available for you such as:

IT Project Manager

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer and Information Research Scientists

Information Security Analyst

Web Developer

Computer Network Architect

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Hardware Engineer


Outsourcing To ebs In House Accountant
Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly
Monthly Chares AED 1990.00 AED 3500.00
Yearly Charges X12 AED 23,988.00 x12 AED 42000.00
Total Accountant Charges AED 23,988.00 AED 42000.00
Audit Statement AED AED 5000.00 AED AED 5000.00
Total For Audit AED 5000.00 AED 5000.00
Vat quarterly Return filing AED AED 8000.00
For Four quarter X4 AED 4000.00
Total Tax Charges AED AED 4000.00
Medical Visa, ID & Issurance AED AED 8000.00
Gratuity For Three Years AED AED 2400.00
Paid Leave For Three Years AED AED 8010.00
For One Years 13 AED 6036.67
Total Visa Charges AED AED 4000.00
Accounting Software
Zoho Books AED AED AED 1080.00 AED
Total Accounting Software charges AED AED 1080.00
Total Yearly Charges
Average Monthly Charges AED 28,899.00 AED 58116.67
AED 2,415.67 AED 4,843.06
You Save AED 29,128.67 Per Year AED 2,427.39 Per Month
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