An Educational visit to the Historical Badshahi Masjid & Lahore Fort was arranged for B.Com & B.A students of Hajvery University (HU) by Ms. Rozi Rizvi, accompanied by Ms. Shaukat Jahan. Participating Students were studying the Urdu Drama “Anarkali” so their Tour to Shahi (Qilla) Fort allowed them to appreciate the historical context. The students indulged themselves in the majestic-ness of it all, as they were explained each scene in detail not by a guide but by their own Urdu Professor.
“We felt like Princes & Princesses while walking on the pavements of a Great Royal Fort in our own Cultural City of Lahore. It was an incredible experience to listen the details of Anarkali from Ms. Rozi.” A student commented while speaking to HU Campus Beat!

Students also took a tour of the bowl shaped Pond where Noor Jahan used to watch the Full Moon atmidnight just in front of Sheesh Mahal. Hajvery University (HU) Faculty continually organizes such interactive sessions on and off-campus to enhance the Students learning experience at HU.
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