Life on Campus

HUPS (HU Photographers Society)

Are you someone who appreciates the goliaths of nature- the mountain ranges and think of the heavenly panoramic view you can capture of it, or you see HDR imagery in the bustling city life of Lahore, with its traffic jams, pollution and hot headed people on roads. Whether you are an amateur photographer or semi professional HUPS can give you a lot of exposure, it can put a spotlight on you and your work for the world to see an admire you.

HULS (HU Literature Society)

HULS is Society of likeminded individuals who know the importance of gaining knowledge from the books, may it be fiction, history, or biographies. HU libraries shelf all famous tittles from classical of Mark Twain to those dominating today’s shelves such as Dan Brown.

YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Association)

These young and dynamic individuals take it upon themselves to give class room theories a physical shape. They want to know for themselves and experience how to make business plans, executive summaries, and forecasts, gather resources, market their event, product or service and breakeven but do it in style. So whether its website filling a niche, or a product which may remind you of a science fiction movie, these highly motivated students are out to capitalize on it, without the fear of falling down. If you think you have potential join the gang and re-discover yourself.

HUGS (HU Gamers Society)

HUGS include both board games and LAN games in its domain. Students can beat the heat in the centrally air conditioned campuses of HU while at the same time enjoy their campus life with friends. Play a game LUDO with friends or CHESS with your arch nemesis. LAN gamers can hook up their laptops with each other to enjoy the virtual battlefield in between the classes and at their free time.

PADS (Performing Arts and Dramatics Society)

PADS has achieved several milestones in the past and continues to arrange several events every year, sometimes thought provoking and at others a comical perspective to life. The professors which a bearing on the society and knowledge of the domain, mentor the students and help with script writing, acting and arranging these events.

Chips at HU

Chips are Students of Engineering out to experiment. Backed by what they learn in the lab practical at HU, and knowledge of their area of specialization may it be Electronics, Electrical or Telecommunication these soon to be Engineers have begun their own inventions.

HUA (HU Arts Society)

You cannot learn how to be creative, to express yourself with colors in a way that inspires others, but you can sure polish your god gifted skills and you can grow. HUA is platform of the artists who want to show the world what they are capable of. HU routinely hold exhibitions of paintings, clothes, sculptures and other art forms.

SPD (Society of Publisher and Designers)

Society of Publisher and Designers at HU is a team of very talented, very creative students trying to learn art of being articulate and designers who wish to express their creativity. These students have their own daily newspaper which comes out with a new issue every day. Students who wish to submit their articles for the newspaper may do so by logging on to HU DAILY and earn points against their submissions.