The HU edge: Our Study Environment & Facilities


HU has two purpose built university campuses at prime urban locations in Lahore, Pakistan. HU has 8 faculties, with over 5000 male and female students enrolled, and over 20,000 alumni readily applying themselves in the more than 120 countries. HU is expanding its horizons with a huge purpose built campus in Multan and another in near future in the Dubai Academic city.

We endeavor to change and adapt our teaching benchmarks with those at par with the latest and best around the globe. Our campuses are centrally air conditioned. The lecture halls are equipped with multimedia projectors among other modern teaching aids. HU has well equipped pharmacy labs, computer labs, fashion studios, theaters, auditoriums and textile labs. HU’s new campus provides the ultimate environment for students and young professionals alike with the cornucopia of facilities accessible to them.


The teaching faculty at HU includes 200 full time members as Head of Departments, Deans, Professors and Associate Professors most of whom hold PhD’s or are qualified from prestigious universities from all over the world. We also have 300+ visiting faculty members who are actively involved in their respective fields, they are aware of the advancements in their areas, which they continually reinforce in their curriculum.

Latest teaching aids

At HU, we believe teaching & class environments should be pleasant and even fun! Long gone are the days of monotonous voices in the class rooms followed by copying the blackboard for hours. Teachers use projectors to deliver their lectures. The teacher student interaction is streamlined for a great learning experience. The teachers use online programs to post assignments, quizzes, related videos and articles and a whole bunch of other useful material. Why should teaching be confined to class rooms? Students can form online discussion groups, and interact with the professor at any time.

HU has the best of pharmacy labs equipment; everything from telescopes to centrifuges . The Engineering Labs are state of the art and continually improving! Our students in fashion and textile department love the use the of mannequins and the latest in digital technology to translate their creative abilities on the computer.


Rather than one centralized library, both campuses have their respective libraries. Both of which carry over tens of thousands of medical journals, textbooks on any subject ranging from computers to economics and newspapers. Furthermore libraries have subscriptions to several magazines such as time, fortune, Newsweek etc. Libraries at HU carry computers for students who want to research in a quiet environment.

Through the membership of DIGITAL LIBRARY & VIRTUAL LIBRARY: Any book, journal, statistics, research material along with the whole self sustained world of literature in almost any language is only clicks away from your computer screen because we at HU take the needs of best and the brightest seriously.

Computing Facilities

Computers are the need of this generation, we feel inadequate without them. So whether you want to make a PowerPoint presentation for your class, communicate with your professor through our server or just poke someone on facebook, HU has several computer labs spread across both campuses carrying hundreds of computers, all of which are equipped with the latest in computing technology and to supplement that there are LCD monitors just for that pleasant experience we like to give to our students.

Links with the industry

Its all very good, being able to ace your exams, but a true test of a professional, in this case soon to be professionals is the field test. It is where one learns to improvise and go beyond the knowledge of ink. We have over 20,000 alumni applying themselves in countless professions, and we made sure we prepared them for the big bad world as much as we could.

This is where our links with multi national Pharmaceutical firms, Banks, IT firms, Engineering firms and links with media come into action. Every year our students go for internships in several firms in order to complete there degree and very often those companies give our students an offer before they graduate. And we just love that, but even if you don’t we don’t let you fall down. Our career development office never closes its doors for you.


Internships are an integral part of the learning. It gives the feel of a real world when you still have your options open. HU has linkages with firms across the nation and overseas. These firms are from every platform one can imagine: engineering, fashion, media , medicine, business and it just goes on.

Internships are also mandatory to complete certain degrees, university years is the high time to polish your interpersonal and interpersonal skills. We take into account that everyone is different, you might be shy or difficult to work with in a team and that’s where we come in. Our ethos is to inspire, educate and nurture the human soul one person at a time.

Career Development Office

We don’t just say that a degree from HU is a real investment in your future, we mean it and to prove it we have very dedicated people working long hours to manage links with the industry and to give you workshops on interview skills and CV writing. More over we have deployed an online portal which acts as a platform where the employers and can find the CVs uploaded by our current students and the alumni. And our students can apply for the jobs posted by these firms.


HU tries to facilitate its students in every aspect, it is for this very reason that we operate a transport network so students can reach the university from all parts of the city. The buses cover all the major city routes for their convenience. In addition the public transport junction known as 7 up stop is a few minuets from both campuses making the university easily accessible.


HU operates several hostels in close proximity to our campuses; if you are an international student, an overseas Pakistani or from another city you are guaranteed accommodation in the hostel. For convenience, girls hostels are exclusively built near the university campuses.

These hostels provide a homely atmosphere to its residents, they are safe and well maintained. We are what we eat, therefore we must eat healthy and for that purpose our hostels have their catering services to provide you with fresh food.

Student life at HU

Campus life and being a part the students union at HU is a very unique experience. We give our students a platform and the liberty to express every aspect of themselves. They can create a synergy with the HU management to arrange sports events, art exhibitions, cultural shows, social events, form societies and conduct educational seminars for the intellectual minds. Furthermore if you’ve got a brilliant idea, we’ll gladly lend you an ear!

Extra Curricular

Lahore itself being a metropolitan city, and the hub of all that is ‘In’ and ‘happening’ in the country provides endless possibilities of entertainment. Combine that with the close proximity of our campuses to what can be called the downtown of Lahore (since there isn’t one per say) what you have is a myriad of multiplex cinemas, art theaters, restaurants and coffee shops which can make the city seem a paradise if you are a social bug.

And that’s just the city life, the students at HU enjoy incredibly rich and varied social life and entertainment on campus. Popular bands perform live to the heartbeats of the students. This is just one of the endless possibilities you have on the platform we at HU give our students to rise and outshine among their peers.


Everyone likes versatile people, companies look for this quality in their employees, in social groups versatile people always have something to add and experience to share, moreover in your professional career you might be faced with the dilemma of changing careers for some divine reason which is why it is so important to be versatile in life.

Societies play a pivotal role in polishing your interpersonal or people skills , adding to your knowledge whether in dramatics, or debating, or chess. At HU, we have several societies but we never say no to brilliant ideas, so if you are a unique individual with a unique idea share with us!


Events is a broad term, it can include anything and we do just that. We arrange fashion shows to give our fashion and textile students a platform. Societies prepare theater performances, movie screening, art works even intellectual show case of their work . We on our part put their work on a stage and throw spotlights at them so the world can see them more clearly.


Doctors suggest to stay healthy one must walk for an hour at least three days in a week, we want our students to stay healthy and stay sharp. The university campuses offer spacious grounds to play a cornucopia of games, whether it’s a game of badminton or table tennis or the game we all grew up playing and watching on our tv sets, the game which sets our pulse rocketing skywards, yes the game of cricket!


In how many ways can you say delicious food? Our cafeteria can say it in more 100 ways in just one language, that’s the number of items on their menu. But there’s more, the food they serve is hygienic, its fresh and the cafeteria sitting provides a great experience on its own!