World Pharmacist Day 2014

World Pharmacists Day
World Pharmacists Day

Pharmacists are the savior of lives and pharmacy is the life-saving profession. Pharmacists save thousands of lives by making medicines; they heal wounds and injuries of humanity. Every day has its own worth and Pharmacist day has its own worth too. This day is celebrated on 25th September. On this special day, pharmacist and their works are appreciated throughout the world.

This special day was also celebrated today in HAJVERY UNIVERSITY  a renowned and esteemed university in the heart of Lahore.  Our administration and respected teachers made our day special by making plans for the celebration of this day with us.

The day started with embellishing and adorning university with different charts, banners and flexes. Charts were made by students, which show their enthusiasm toward their profession.  At the entrance, there was a big flex highlighting the statement of pharmacist that he/she is the person who saves lives. There was also a stage and the back wall was covered with the banner which told us the roots of pharmacy. HU administration also cooperated really well to make our day possible in true sense. There was a huge gathering. All the student body was dressed in white overall and it indicated the strength of pharmacist. HU pharmacists were excited and all having badges. There was a slogan on badges; Proud to be a pharmacist. This slogan motivated our souls to work more for our respectful profession, which shows sincerity towards the profession.

The ceremony started with the Holy name of ALLAH then with the highly motivated speech of Head of Department, Faculty of Pharmacy. She motivated us that how we will become a good pharmacist and realized us that by our profession a number of people and community can be served and benefited. She told us that sincerity with the profession is the key to success. The ceremony got different speeches which were delivered by our respected teachers.  Students perform many stage performances regarding this day. Performances by students gave us the message, which will be helpful in our professional life. On that day, I saw the zeal and passion in pharmacist because that day was only for pharmacists. After all the performances, a huge cake was cut by our respected Rector and Head of Department on which was written, World pharmacist day 25th September. This was the end of the ceremony. At last the great day ended and we seek the importance of pharmacist on that day. May ALLAH help us to fulfill our responsibilities and duties in a good and perfect manner, Ameen