Seminar on Managed Patient Care at Hajvery University(HU)

Seminar on Managed Patient Care at Hajvery University
Seminar on Managed Patient Care at Hajvery University

A seminar was conducted in School of Pharmacy, Hajvery University on Managed Care on Saturday 21st May, 2011 in collaboration with Concise and Conceptual series (CNC), Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PAA) and Pakistan Association of Family Physicians (PAFP).

The theme of the presentation was to give general idea about managing patient care in relation to different disease.

The event was a great success and many notables personalities of Pharmacy and related professions participated the event.Prof. Dr Jamshaid, Dean School of pharmacy, Hajvery University, gave welcome note to all the participating members and guests. Among other notable personalities was Dr. Traiq Mian (President PAFP), Dr. Saeed Ahmad (Vice president PAFP), Dr. Tahir Chaudhry (Gen. Secretary PAFP), Dr. Tahir Aziz Mughal (Chief Pharmacist SKMH),Mujtala Khushab (Lecturer LCWU),Ms. Ayesha Mahmood(Lecturer HU),Ms. Saima Hanif(Lecturer HU), Dr. Farhan Sohail(Joint Secretary CNC Series) and Syed Zeeshan Abid(Gen. Secretary CNC Series &Lecturer USA).

Pharmacy Students apart from own students of Hajvery University, Punjab University, Lahore College for women university, Lahore University, Lahore College for pharmaceutical sciences and University of South Asia actively participated in the seminar. They appreciated the efforts of organizers and expressed their interests for such more events to uplift the status of pharmacy profession and to promote awareness.

Refreshments were served at the end of the seminar.