Seminar on Entrepreneurship as a Career Option at HU in Collaboration with SMEDA.

Seminar on Entrepreneurship as a Career Option at HU
Seminar on Entrepreneurship as a Career Option at HU

24 January, 2011 HUES, HU Entrepreneurs Society organized a Seminar on Entrepreneurship as a Career Option in collaboration with SMEDA, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority. The Purpose of the Seminar was to foster the spirit of Entrepreneurship in the future business leaders of Pakistan by counseling them on areas such as, Business Match Making, Access to Finance and Marketing, Business Counseling etc.

After the recitation of Holy Quran, Dr. Naeem , Director HU Societies and Dean Engineering & CS, made the opening speech and welcomed the honorable Guest Speakers from SMEDA.



Mr. Alamgir Chaudhary, Provisional Chief of SMEDA-Punjab, told students about the role of SMEDA in helping them become an Entrepreneur. He further highlighted the major opportunities in Pakistan which have a lot of scope, and could lead to successful, lucrative futures ahead.

Guest Speakers featured Mr. Abid Iqbal, CEO of PECS industries who shared his experience as being an aspiring entrepreneur. He told the Business Students of Hajvery University (HU) they first need to know their strong points, what they’re passionate about  and to develop a never give up thinking in order to be an Entrepreneur. Further, he also communicated to the students the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur.

Universities play an important role in the development of a country by meeting the needs of the Industry for well-trained Human resource. To enable the Small Medium Enterprise to play their role effectively in the global economy, strong academia industry linkages need to be developed. Hajvery University (HU) is taking this responsibility progressively by training, encouraging, inspiring our Students to think beyond the boundaries.

Mr. Usman Ghauri, HU Registrar and Head of HUES  HU Entrepreneur Society coordinated the efforts of SMEDA and the Students to make this Seminar a reality. The Seminar proved to be a great learning session for the students of HU Business School because it enabled them to learn how to utilize their degrees in the better way and it also helped them consider more paths to make the future choices.

Maj. General Muhammad Latif (Director Administration) concluded the Seminar and presented the souvenirs to the Guests and thanked them for their time and effort.