Orientation Seminar for Study Abroad Outgoing Students

Orientation Seminar for Study Abroad Outgoing Students
Orientation Seminar for Study Abroad Outgoing Students

HU Office of Foreign Affairs arranged a pre-departure seminar to prepare the students selected under the Comprehensive scholarship to study abroad free of cost, in partner universities of HU in Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Lichtenstein and others.

International travel and being an exchange student can be a daunting experience, especially for the first time. In view of that, and to equip the students with the knowledge to overcome the challenges of International Travel and being an exchange student, HU hosted a Pre-departure seminar.
6 Speakers led the Seminar, including Associate Director of HU Office of Foreign Affairs & Planning, Fahd Sheikh. He talked about the scholarships in depth, to ensure students are well aware of their opportunities as well as responsibilities. Under this Scholarship each students is getting 5000 Euro Stipend, Return Ait Ticket, Comprehensive Insurance and others benefits. There are +50 students of HU who have been selected to study an academic semester in one of the 11 partner universities of HU in different countries of Europe such as: Germany, Netherlands, Lichtenstein, Turkey and several others.

Mr. Usman Ghauri Registrar HU, Major Nazar Abbas, Mr. Gauhar Siddique and Mr. Faheem‚ were on the panel of Guest speakers, it is also worth mentioning that all these gentlemen were awarded the opportunity by Hajvery University (HU) to visit the Partner Universities and in the framework of Faculty/staff exchange between the universities. Their costs of travel, accommodation, insurance were also funded under this scholarship program. Most of them had recently come back from it and were shared their experiences about the Universities and Cities, and Countries.

During the course of the seminar every out-going student was invited to the stage to say a few words about himself/herself, his experience so far and his plans for the futures, the videos and pictures of the event will be uploaded on the HU YouTube Channel as well as this page very soon.

Umer Sheikh, Office of Foreign Affairs and Planning concluded the seminar with a dosage of What is Cultural Shock, and how to overcome it? Describing the stages one may experience in the different settings, to over overcoming them.

For details about these scholarships, HU Exchange program opportunities, you may e-mail: intl@hup.edu.pk