Dear Students,

We received a letter from Amnesty International asking to nominate university students for Internships and Memberships. This is an excellent opportunity, interested students should
1) Read the literature below.
2) Inform Mr. Nazar Abbas to short list you for this.
3) Due to time constraints only those students will be short listed who apply today and tomorrow! (28,29th Dec,2010)

Greetings from Amnesty

With reference to our letter sent by courier post on the same subject, as part of its yearly development plan Amnesty International Pakistan cordially invites you to recommend 5 students for memberships and 2 internships for the year 2011. Amnesty International is a worldwide organization for the impartial protection of human rights which establishes its regional program to develop youth for their practical career in development sector to combat the different societal and environmental issues in Pakistan in order to promote peace and provide protection to its people against various human rights violations. In this context, AI has planned some participation on the part of talented Pakistani youth and students by their practical involvement with the coherence of their Colleges and Universities.

During the recent years Hajvery University has earned great recognition for achieving and maintaining its academic and theoretical excellence as well as for success in practical grounds in the relevant fields. Your ultimate endeavors of catering the dire need of Pakistani youth, for the advanced and practical knowledge have enormously been acknowledged. Though, your students are playing well in their respective fields and scoring high but progressively their realization and profound participation towards environmental and societal issues, in the very mid of struggle for career, can mould their character for the well being of their nation as well as all humanity.

AI Pakistan has nominated some recognized Institutes and Universities, reviewing their performances in different fields, to associate some of their extra -ordinary and versatile students in our efforts. This will assist them in seeing their commitment in broader aspects and earning a good name for their institution as well.  In the current prospects, we would like to announce an opportunity for your keen students towards high- aimed objectives and peaceful motives of humanity service. Consequently, for the yearly membership you are invited to recommend 5 passionate students to get the membership of Amnesty International and 2 to get the internships.