Joys of Ramazan at Hajvery University!

Ramazan is a month of blessings for Muslims world over, at HU it’s even more special as the University arranges for Iftari & Dinner for 900-1000 underprivileged people on a daily basis. The people are seated in the HU Main Campus lawns, which is a breathtaking sight to view as so many people sitting in rows and feasting at iftari. It’s almost magical.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a foundation stone of Hajvery University, we believe charitable causes complete us a Human beings, therefore during the holy month the University Management increases it’s efforts to help the less privileged cope with the ongoing tough socio economic times in Pakistan. To that end we also distribute food items, including wheat, pulses, sugar, rice and other eatables to the surrounding areas areas of the University on a regular basis.

Members of the Faculty, and Students are welcome to join the Management & Staff of the University to take this opportunity to serve the communities we work in. May Almighty Allah accept our humble efforts and give us the strength to increase our efforts multifold, inshAllah.