Joys of Ramazan 2015 at Hajvery University (HU)!

Joys of Ramazan 2015 at Hajvery University (HU)

Ramadan is a month of blessings for Muslims world over and Muslims generally strive to be kind, generous and openhanded in their charitable contributions. The generous people of Pakistan also donate handsomely and generously in the holy month every year.

There are so many ways to make this month more special and so many ways to get rewards and forgiveness from Allah. Giving charity and donations to less privileged among and around us is the best way to help the deserving people.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a foundation stone of Hajvery University. The management of the Hajvery University strongly believes that charitable causes complete us human-beings; therefore during the holy month the University management increases its efforts to help the less privileged cope with the ongoing tough socio economic times in Pakistan. The University arranges an Iftari for all every day during this holy month for underprivileged people and for the people who are unable get the basic food. About a thousand people gather at the Hajvery University Main Campus from surrounding areas and break their fast together, followed by the Magrib prayers and dinner. This one meal a day for the poor is a small contribution, but even small contributions can make a big difference. It’s so delightful to view the sight of so many people sitting, eating and praying together at the Hajvery University.

Members of the Hajvery University faculty and students also join the management & staff of the University to take this opportunity to serve the communities. Such friendly gestures help benefit the society, it brings down negativity and the poor are helped more and the needy are protected more effectively. May Almighty Allah accept our humble efforts and give us the strength to increase our efforts multifold.