Iftari for All inititive; Hajvery University (HU) serving the community.

22 Aug, 2011.

Community service never feels like a responsibility to me, or an obligation. I love it. Never do I feel better about how I have spent my time than at the end of a day of service.

Danielle Hayes

Corporate Social Responsibility is intertwined with the mission & vision of HU. In many ways it defines the culture of this organisation. Our CSR initiatives run throughout the year in a variety of areas, however the most special one comes to life every year during the month of Ramadan.

At Hajvery University (HU) Ramadan is a very special time, as we make arrangements to serve delicious Iftari & Dinner to 1200+ people every single day during Ramadan. For the past 10 years HU has made an open invitation to the people of this area to come and have Iftari & dinner and offer magrib prayers with us.

As scores of people join us before Sunset every day and take their places in the Lawn of HU Main Campus, the senior Management of HU, along with the supporting staff prepare themselves to distribute food among our 1200+ guests, its always a breath taking sight to watch every year. (See Pictures!)

The menu is changed each day so our guests don’t get bored by monotony. The 3 course meal consists of Dates, Rooh-Afzha, Chicken-Chnna, Chicken-Alo  for main course, and a desert to conclude the dinner mostly meethay chawal or halwa.

Its always a race against time to service 1200+ people at one time, there must be 100+ people servicing them, and we are all running around distributing roti, pani, saalin & meetha among our guests. 10 years down the road, the sight of all these people sitting having iftari with us amazes us each time..

We hope to cater even more people next year, Our students, faculty, or staff interested in volunteering to distribute among people may join us during iftar time, this Ramazan or the next one. This is among the many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives at Hajvery University(HU).

Wising you all a very rewarding month of Ramadan!

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