Iftar for all – HU CSR initiative to provide food to 35,000+ People in Ramazan

Ramzan is a special month for Muslims world over, and its even more special at Hajvery University as each year we prepare ourselves to offer Iftar & dinner to more than 1100 people on a daily basis. It’s a sight to experience, to see such a large number of people sitting and breaking fast together. Needless to say, its a daunting task to distribute food among a 1100+ people during iftar – on time. This is where our management, staff, and a whole team of cooks and support staff work very hard to prepare and distribute the iftar and dinner on time.

It’s an immensely rewarding experience and words simply will not do justice to the feelings which we have after each Roza’s activity.

DSC_0096On any typical Roza, Rozeydars begin to assemble at Hajvery University Main Campus lawns, 30 mins before Iftar time. People break their fast with Roof Afzha & Dates, and Dinner is served after Magrib Prayer, which includes chicken alu, chicken channa, etc, everyday is a meat day here. Rozeydar are also treated to delicious desserts after meal, and the regular entries include: Meethay chawal, Kheer, Halwa etc. To ensure we distribute in a timely fashion, different teams are dedicated to distribute water, roti, salan and desserts.

DSC_0127_exposure_resize-300x200Corporate Social Responsibility has a central role in HU’s Mission statement and vision, and we undertake programs all year round to serve the communities around us in various ways, such as distributing aid & medicines to hospitals, sending aid to orphanages and madrassas, distribution of ration packets among the needy. In future we hope and pray to Almighty that we can serve the country and communities around us even more. Ameen.