I DREAM OF A PAKISTAN this 14 August dream [BIG] & be rewarded for your Inspiring vision of Pakistan!


13 August 2011. This Independence Day, we want you to wear your thinking caps, then dig in deep into yourself and tell the whole World what you dream Pakistan should be like. Post your Vision for Pakistan on our Facebook Page & Inspire others. The comment which receives the most number of Likes will be awarded a Prize, and will also be invited to Speak on the upcoming conference, with some of Pakistan’s leading figures & thinkers: TEDxHUP, I Dream of a Pakistan

The Rules:

  1. Your Vision must begin with the phrase: I DREAM OF A PAKISTAN
    (eg. I dream of a Pakistan, which ranks no. 1 on Quality of Life Index, or is the foremost authority on Renewable energy, etc)
  2. You can Post more than once, but each time there must be a separate vision for Pakistan
  3. This Competition is Open to Public at large, not just our Current & Prospective Student of Hajvery University (HU). Anyone can win the Prize.
  4. The Competition starts on 13 August, 2011 and ends 20 August, 2011 at 12 am. This gives you 7+ days.
  5. The Vision voted the most through Likes wins this Competition. (So feel free to encourage or nag your friends to like your vision)
  6. Inappropriate Posts will obviously be removed, and will get you banned from this community of Visionary minds.
  7. The surprise award will be announced on 15 August,2011.
  8. The winner(s) will be announced within the 4 working days after the deadline on 20 August.

If you have any related questions, e-mail us on blog@hup.edu.pk