HU School of Pharmacy Board of Studies meeting held; M.Phil in Pharmacy being launched.

M.Phil in Pharmacy being launched at HU
M.Phil in Pharmacy being launched at HU

29 Feb,2012. HU School of Pharmacy held a meeting of Board of Studies on Saturday, 25 February, 2012. The meeting started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Hajvery University (HU) extended their felicitation to all participants. Dr. Nasira Saif-ur-Rehman presented the progress of HU Pharm-D programme. She told that 70 Pharm-D students have passed out this year. She also shared with the participants that HU has 4 PhD Scholars, 31 Faculty Members. A new auditorium and new offices for the faculty members were added in the existing infrastructure.

Review of the Previous Meeting:

Minutes of the 3rd BOS Meeting were read out and duly passed.

Discussion of New Agenda Items:

Item 1 (External Examiner):

In response to agenda item 1, i.e. approval of list of external examiner for evaluation of theory and practicals in second semester of every year of Pharm-D, Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad advised that according to Higher Education Commission rules, in semester system only practical evaluations may be done by the external examiners and theory papers should be checked by internal examiner.

Dr. Zeba Ahmad Shuja advised that preference should be given to senior Pharmacists as the external examiner. The Board also authorized that HOD to appoint any examiner if the approved examiners were not available.

Item 2 (M. Phil Programme):

About M. Phil Pharmacy programme in Hajvery University, Prof. Dr. Asif Saeed and Dr. Zeba Ahmad Shuja advised that laboratories should be upgraded and equipped with all necessary equipment before start of the programme. Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad recommended that since enough M. Phil faculty for M. Phil programme was available, the programme can be started with visiting PhD faculty. If the university was to start M. Phil leading to PhD then there must be regular PhD staff. Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad proposed to complete the details and discuss it in the next meeting. He also proposed to induct 10 students in each discipline in the start of the programme. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad said syllabus is the property of university and it should be revised after every 3, years.
Dr. Nadeem Irfan Bukhari recommended that syllabus should be research oriented.

Mr. Shoaib Hakeem proposed that M. Phil syllabus should not be a repetition of Pharm-D syllabus.
Dr. Tahir Aziz Mughal said that the research should be funded by the university. In addition to this, Dr. Tahir Javed Khan said that HEC provide funds to competent research projects and M. Phil students should be encouraged to submit projects and research grants should be obtained from funding agencies. Dr. Aqeel Javeed said, separate research funds should be established for the research students. These funds should not be used be the administration and should be deposited in Pharmacy Faculty account.

Mr. Shoaib Hakeem, Dr. Zeba Ahmad Shuja and Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Irfan said that research should be conducted in collaboration with Pharmaceutical industry. If the proposed research topics of M. Phil students will be in interest of industry they will provide research funds and share their laboratories. Mr. Shoaib Hakeem said that Hajvery University should call the entrepreneurs and share the current research activities.

At the end, Board of Studies approved that Hajvery University should start M. Phil programme in 3 disciplines including Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology. Board further advised to make the syllabus of all the three proposed disciplines & list of visiting faculty members and present that in next Board of Studies Meeting.

Madam Nasira Saif-ur- Rehman thanked all the members of Board of Studies for their active participation in the professional / academic discussion and valuable recommendations / suggestions. The meeting concluded with lunch at the Village restaurant on m-malam road, which was enjoyed by all.

The following members were present at the meeting.

1- Madam Nasira Saif ur Rehman
Head of Department, Faculty of Pharmacy
Hajvery University

2- Prof Dr Bashir Ahmad
Head of Parmacology Department
University college of Pharmacy, University of Punjab, Lahore

3- Prof Dr Muhammad Asif Saeed
Professor in Pharmacognosy
University college of Pharmacy, University of Punjab, Lahore

4- Prof Dr Muhammad Riaz
Professor in Pharmaceutial Chemistry
University college of Pharmacy, University of Punjab, Lahore

5- Dr Muhammad Tahir Javed Khan
Head of Pharmaceutics Department
University college of Pharmacy, University of Punjab, Lahore

6-Ch Muhammad Shamoon
Punjab Pharmacy Council

7-Dr Nadeen Irfan Bukhari
Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutics
University college of Pharmacy, University of Punjab, Lahore

8-Dr Muhammad Tahir Aziz Moghal
Director Pharmaceutical Services
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital

9-Muhammad Hafeez
The institute of Child Health
Children Hospital, Ferozpur Road, Lahore

10-Dr Aqeel Javeed
Assistant Professor in Pharmacology
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

11-Dr Ovais Omer
Assistant Professor in Pharmacology
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

12-Mr Shoaib Hakeem
Plant Director
Servier Pharmaceuticals, Lahore

13-Dr Zeba Ahmad Shuja
Director Technical
Schazoo Zaka Pharmaceuticals, Lahore

14-Dr Qurat ul Ain Irfan
Pacific Pharmaceuticals

15-Mr Usman Ghauri
Hajvery University, Lahore

16-Khizar Abbas
Pharmacy coordinator
Hajvery University, Lahore

17-Lubna Shakir
M Phil Coordinator
Hajvery University, Lahore