Hajvery Unviersity (HU) Study Abroad Scholarship holder Hamza Pervaiz Butt talks about his experience in Flensburg, Germany.

Hajvery Unviersity Study Abroad Scholarship holder Hamza Pervaiz Butt
Hajvery Unviersity Study Abroad Scholarship holder Hamza Pervaiz Butt

12 July, 2011. Humza Butt is pursuing BBA (Hons) at Hajvery University (HU). He was awarded a scholarship to Study Abroad for 1 semester at  University of Flensburg, Germany. The scholarship included Return AirTicket, Comprehensive Insurance, and 5000 Euros Stipend Money for daily expenses among other things. The following essay is written by him, which presents a glimpse of his Experience of Studying and Living Abroad in Europe.

My name is Hamza Butt, currently studying in 10th semester at Hajvery University (HU). I was selected for a Scholarship by HU and sent on an Exchange Program between European and Asian universities coordinated by European Commission to increase cooperation between Universities, and to familiarize the students with different cultures. I was studying in University of Flensburg. The city of Flensburg is located on German and Danish border and has a beautiful contrast of German and Danish culture, as till 19th century it was ruled by Danish government and now it is under German Government which is why it is still populated with a Danish minority.

People in Flensburg are more humble and polite as compared to southern and eastern parts of Germany, they are quite open and flexible about people and their cultures. Flensburg is famous for its dodgy weather: you can witness bright sunshine, windy cold breeze, little white snow with light rain or sometimes its covered with white snow for days. Temperature in Flensburg can go as low as -25 degrees celcius and it has an extended winter like in other Scandinavian countries. The best thing about Flensburg is its openness and calmness.

I found Flensburg to be a city of peace and natural beauty with lot of green sights, beautiful harbor and two pleasant beaches. Its famous among elderly people, they like to retire here. Flensburg is also renowned for its certain specialties such as beaches which are the main attractions for tourists in summer. Flensburger is also home to a very famous company of Germany: Flensburg Bear which is made by Flensburg brewery.

My host university was offering a wide range of subjects and that too in different languages such as German, English, Spanish and Danish. I was there to attend courses with department of International management where they offer lot of courses in English so it was quite an easy task to adjust with the language of instruction. Even though I came across a new language and for which I had an extensive course to learn German language, although German language is known as one of tougher languages to learn due to its strict grammar rules but it was nice to learn a new language which is used not only in Germany but in Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein and some other independent European states.

University took care of all matters for incoming students to guide them with rules and procedures of the city and how to get around the city. Travelling around the city was convenient as the city is so small with population of 85,000 and it is well connected with an efficient bus service which takes you around the city within minutes.

Flensburg has a history within itself which can be seen in old traditional buildings like museum, deutches house and castles of Glucksburg. During my exchange semester I travelled around different European countries and famous cities such as Copenhagen and sonderborg in Denmark, Stockholm and sakavasta in Sweden, Rome, Milan and Venice in Italy, Paris in France, Geneva, Bern and Zurich in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, feldkirch and Innsbruck in Austria and Hamburg, Frankfurt, Bremen, Kiel Berlin and Lubeck in Germany and in the end I make a trip to Dubai is well. I tried to capture all beautiful sights with eye of a camera to preserve as nice memories.

Getting around in Europe was easy as I had the schengen visa under German residence permit so travelling within Europe is convenient as it is well connected with extensive rail networks and cheap air travel offers also make it more convenient and time saving.

On the exchange, I got a chance to meet students from lots of different countries and an opportunity to learn few things about their cultures and life styles. It was a whole new experience for me. I also had to cope with an extra responsibility: not only to represent myself, my family, my university, my culture my country and my religion is well. Off course the good things about this experience I will miss the most and so as my friends and the new learning methodologies and type of infrastructure I came across during my stay.

Being in Germany and observing their culture I learned the importance of being a good citizen who comply with states rules and regulations, punctuality, discipline, motivation and simplicity of things and lifestyle of people there. It also provides me with a new direction to perceive things and to redefine goals of my life and my approach towards life by some good principles I learnt over there during my stay. They make life simple and relaxing with ample opportunities for recess and rejuvenation but at work they are dedicated, devoted and hardworking and gives the priority that should be given and doing first thing first and that too in such organized manner which most of the time feels like those people are perfectionist in everything they just because of the effort they put into the work. Well in short it was an experience of life time getting to know different people from different cultural and religious backgrounds and that too with different point of views and approaches towards life.

HU is a joint-signatory of EM 2009-2013 Consortium of 20 Universities from Europe and SAARC countries, which allows the partner universities to send and host students between the consortium members. HU is grateful for European Commission for such initiatives and the funding to make this all possible, moreover to all our Partner Universities for co-operating to make this a success.

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