Hajvery University Media Studies Students, Educational Tour of Channel 5 TV Studios

10 Aug, 2012. The Hajvery University keeps on providing opportunities to its young and talented shining stars of tomorrow. Visit to Channel 5 was another string of the same series of educational tours on part of HU for its media students. Channel 5 is a national news channel that is broadcasting news of all sorts for its audience in Urdu language, which is the national language of Pakistan. It is owned by Khabrain Group and is associated with the Urdu Language daily newspaper. Channel 5 is on the road to progress.

Hajvery-University-Media-Studies-Students-Educational-Tour-of-Channel-5-TV-Studios_01-e1344603380632On 6th June 2012 media students of HU visited Channel 5 along with their media instructors. Mr. Arshad Quershi guided the Educational Tour at Channel 5 Studios, he is a very  experienced veteran of his field. The asked him questions related to media, channels and news broadcasting to quench their thirst for knowledge. He took students to various departments of the channel i.e. Master Control Room, Editing Labs, creative department, ticker department, news department and studios. They were very excited to meet the newscasters of Channel 5. Some of the students of HU also showed their inclination towards becoming newscasters and they keenly observed the live newscasters.

There was also a discussion session between the team members of the channel 5 and HU’s students on current issues and the role of media in the society. Students also expressed their views that such educational visits are very helpful for them in understanding the whole media functions and they acknowledged HU’s contribution in this regard.