Hajvery University (HU) hosts Guest Speaker Talk by American Consulate Generals Diplomats, Mr Tristram Perry & Ms. Andrea DeArment.

Hajvery University (HU) hosts Guest Speaker Mr Tristram Perry
Hajvery University (HU) hosts Guest Speaker Mr Tristram Perry

2 July, 2011. HU hosted a Guest Speak Talk on Thursday, 21 July, 2011 by Mr. Tristram Perry & Ms. Andrea DeArment Information Officers of the US Consulate General of Lahore & Karachi. The purpose was to allow students to ask questions concerning the PAK-US relations to get a better understanding of the current issues.

The interactive session lasted more than an hour, during which both speakers gave an introduction of their roles & duties at the respective US Consulates in Lahore and Karachi, which led to a Question & Answer session with the participating students of Business, Pharmacy & Fashion Design Faculties of Hajvery University (HU). Their questions centered on the past PAK-US relations, the recent events which received a lot of coverage and where the Foreign Policy of US with Pakistan is headed in the next 10 years. Gen (r) Muhammad Latif, Director Administrator HU presented Shields to both Guests.

Ms. Andrea also showed keen interest in HU School of Fashion Design. She interacted with BFD Students, and admired their attention to detail and innovation in Dress Designson Display in their classroom/workshop.

Their visit concluded after a lively discussion over Tea; the discussion included strengthening Academic ties between the US Universities and Hajvery University (HU), so as to bridge the gaps between the two Academic Communities and allow them to experience Pakistan first hand and vice versa.

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