Green Day Celebrations at Hajvery University

Green Day
Green Day at Hajvery University

Celebration of Green Day is in accordance with the importance of plants for our beautiful planet. With all the great efforts from faculty and students of all departments of Hajvery University, we celebrated Green day on 7th of April 2015.This initiative was taken by administration of Hajvery University to increase awareness of people about the nature and beauty of our Green Earth.

The reward for planting a tree is described by the Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon him) as:

There is none better amongst the believers who plant a tree from which a person, or an animal eats thereof. It is regarded as having given a charitable gift for which there is great recompense (Narrated in Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol 3: 513).

Now, the modern sciences have proved that plants are much more important for the safety of human population on the Earth. Plants are the oldest source of treatment and cure; hence they are also very important medicinally. Leaves absorb pollutants such as Ozone, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide and Sulphur dioxide, and give off oxygen.

Students were really enthusiastic and taking part in the plantation campaign. Preparations were started 2 weeks earlier and every class from different disciplines was allotted an area in the ground of Euro Campus, where they could show their creativity with plants. All our talented and skilled students from each batch came up with their new and unique innovations. Our competent students with their challenging mind gave the ground a whole new look.

Every class accomplished their work according to their themes. Students utilized raw materials to decorate their areas like animal house equipped by rabbits and ducks, a pond full of beautiful stones and petals of roses, other ornaments like flower beds, colourful strings, neon bulbs artificial grass increased the glamorous beauty of their themes. It was just like heavenly beauty over there. Another class made a home garden with a beautiful collection of flowers and plants, and put a decorated bicycle in it. One of the classes in honour of our university inscribed its name on the ground by using flowers and colourful stones. Another class inscribed the name of our department on the ground with beautiful flowers. Another batch from fashion designing decorated their allotted area like a theme park surrounded by full of beautiful flower beds with hand made sittings. Thus, there were different themes depicting the cultural values of our society.

On final day Mr. Atif Mushtaq, Chairman Board of Governors visited and admired the efforts done by all the classes. No doubt it was a quiet hard competition among all the classes but in the end batch 11 of pharmacy department won the competition and got the first prize due their innovative work. They used the rabbit cage and turned it into a hut with their creative work. Indeed it was a great event.