Focus on [Corporate Social Responsibility] at Hajvery University (HU)

5 July, 2011. For Hajvery University (HU), Corporate Social Responsibility CSR . CSR is a thread which runs through many of the things that we do. From the scholarship of many of our world-leading researchers through our teaching of business ethics, to our involvement with the local community.

This signalled the Schools commitment to improve its impact on areas of corporate responsibility, such as our interactions with regional community groups and the impact we have as an institution on the environment.

LUMS involvement with BiTC has seen senior members of staff attending the BiTC Seeing is Believing programme to assess the types of activities we could undertake to improve our community impact.

The School has been involved with numerous community groups in the North West region of the UK through research, development and project work. LUMS is fully committed to increasing the impact of this involvement and is working on reducing its environmental impact.

Some recent community projects have involved students all experienced managers on our Full-time MBA programme working to help community groups and companies deal with social problems. These include:

In addition we have made a commitment to drive CSR through the core of our taught programmes. We are working with BiTC and member companies to bring this commitment to fruition.

1) Food on the street

2) Iftar in Ramazan

3) Clothing to Madrasas

4) Flood Afectees

5) Earth Quake Afectees