Educational Tour of Bunny’s Ltd by BBA (Hons) Students of Hajvery University (HU).

26 April, 2012  HU organized an Educational Tour of Bunny’s Ltd for students of Business Administration.  30 students of Hajvery University (HU) along with a faculty member, Prof. Gauhar Siddique, visited Bunny’s Ltd at Kot lakhpat, Lahore. Bunny’s Ltd, est in 1984, is a market leader in packaged snacks and baked breads.

The aim of this Educational Tour was to give the students of Business Administration an insight into production processes, packaging, TQM, Human Resource Management, Distribution and various other facets of a progressive organization such as Bunny’s, so as to enable the students to develop an understanding of the theoretical concepts they learn in classrooms.

aboutus_04The Students experienced how Bunny’s Ltd is overcoming its challenges as the students were taken to different production areas, where they observed baking process of bread: heating, thermostats room, cutting. Later they were guided by the production manager to the cake section where they observed its complete production process.

The students learned about packaging of Kukkure (Brand of Pepsi) is prepared at Bunny’s ltd, also the crumbs applied on the frozen food products like K&N and Menu are formulated in their factory. While discussing about the production the manager added the production capacity is over 100 packs/min burgers per day and the company generates the revenue of Rs. 8.7 million.

The Educational Tour was followed by Q&A session; students showed great interest regarding different company’s operation and gained a lot by the Education Tour. At the end the students were also given gift packs by the company’s reps. Hajvery University management is grateful to Bunny’s Ltd for giving HU Students the opportunity to gain hands on experience.

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