Drug Act and Future Health Care Challenges

Hajvery University has a good culture of organizing seminars, conferences and workshops for its graduate and postgraduate students and faculty. Maintaining this culture, one day seminar on “Drug Act and Future Health Care Challenges” was organized at Hajvery University, Lahore on 21st January 2014. The students and faculty of Pharmacy were actively involved in in organizing and managing this seminar. Stall of alternative medicines were exhibited by BM (private) Ltd. Live coverage of the whole seminar was done by Pharmanews.

Many speakers and guests from Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and Pharmaceutical Industries were present on that day. Invited speakers of the day include Mr. Saleem Khan (Director, OTC and Health Products), Mr. Abdul Sattar Surani (Deputy Director, OTC and Health Products), Mr. Ayaz Ali Khan (Chief Drug Controller, Lahore), Dr. Zeba Ahmed Shuja (Director Technical, Shazoo Zaka pvt Ltd), Mr. Amanullah Bismil (CEO, BM private Ltd), Mr. Zia Husain (Federal Inspector of Drugs, Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan, Lahore), Mr. Noor Mohammad Mahar (Technical Member, European Nutraceutical Associate Switzerland/Media Secretary Pakistan Pharmacist Association), Mr. Syed Alvi (CEO, Calgan Phytopharma). All these guests were warmly welcomed by the reception team comprising of pharmacy faculty and students.

Prof. Dr. Khaild Pervaiz, Rector of Hajvery University has formally welcomed all the speakers and guests in his address. Then the hosts, Tayyaba Riaz and Hina Khalid invited and introduced the respected speakers on the stage. The first speaker of the day was Mr. Saleem Khan and delivered his presentation addressing the topic Alternative System of Medicines. The hosts thanked him and invited Dr. Zeba Ahmed Shuja, she told about The Active Ingredients. The next speaker, Mr. Amanullah Bismil came and told the audience about Quality Assurance Parameters for Manufacturing. After him, Mr. Abdul Sattar Surani came and shared his data related to Drug Control then Mr. Zia Husnain came and done his presentation on Use of Complementary and Alternative Medication. The next speaker was Mr. Noor Muhammad Mahar and told the listeners about Pharma Business Future and Health Laws. After him, Mr. Ayaz Ali Khan came and shared his awareness and discussed about Drug Control Management in Punjab while he was delivering his knowledge, the Chief Guest of the day, Mr. Rana Iqbal (Speaker of Punjab Assembly) came. All the students, teachers and guests warmly welcomed him and give standing ovation. Rector of Hajvery University gave the short introduction of speaker of Punjab Assembly and welcomed him. After that, Speaker Assembly was invited on the stage to say few words related to the seminar and efforts of Hajvery University. He thanked and was very happy for having him on the seminar. He gave very powerful and devotional speech on the pharmacist’s role and future.