Chinese Ambassador H.E Mr. Liu Jian delivers a talk at Hajvery University (HU); inaugurates HU Auditorium.

Liu Jian
Liu Jian

25 January, 2012. Chinese Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Liu Jian  visited Hajvery University (HU) on Tuesday, 24 January, 2012. He was given a grand welcome as hundreds of HU students waved Pak-China Flags, and cheered for him at his arrival. The Ambassador inaugurated the new State-of-the-art Auditorium at Hajvery University (HU), Euro Campus and delivered the first talk in the new facility to the Students, Management, Faculty & Guests of HU.

During the Welcome Address, Director, HU Office of Foreign Affairs & Planning, Fahd Sheikh expressed deep gratitude to the Ambassador for his presence. While highlighting Pak-China International Relations he said:

Our relations (Pak-China)  are said to be higher than mountains, deeper than
oceans, stronger than steel, and sweeter than honey. We are, in our eyes
and in the eyes of others, good neighbors, close friends, trusted partners
and dear brothers.

Mr. Fahd aslo emphasized the importance of promoting Cultural and Academic ties between Universities of Pakistan and China through Joint-research, Exchanges and Dual degree programs. Furthermore He announced that Hajvery University (HU) will open a Centre of Chinese Studies. This Centre will offer language courses in Mandarin, provide free consultancy services to Businessmen and will also run special focused programs to promote bilateral activities between Pakistan & China in the fields of economics and trade.

The Ambassador, H.E Mr. Liu Jian, while sharing his views on Pak-China Friendship, he said Pakistan is the most trustworthy friend (of China), and that Pakistan had always extended its support to China during critical times. Shedding light on the current progress of his country, Ambassador Jian said China had always given high priority to economic development with the past decade reflecting a 10.5% growth in its economy. The Ambassador also gifted Rs. 5 Lakh to the University.

Commenting on the upcoming TEDxHUP talks titled I Dream of Pakistan.., scheduled to be held at the university on 4 February, 2012, Jian said that Pakistan held a very special place in his heart. However, he added, it was difficult for a foreign ambassador to speak on how he dreamt of the host country.

He said, How I dream of Pakistan depends on how the youth of the country plans to take it forward, adding that he wished to see a strong and prosperous Pakistan.  He commented Very soon the youth will have to take the lead in running the country for which it must be prepared. The future leaders will need to have the ability to look beyond present.

Chairman, HU Board of Governors, Mr. Atif Mushtaq, in his vote of thanks expressed gratitude to H.E Liu Jian on behalf of HU B.O.G for gracing the occasion, and inaugurating the HU Auditorium. He said  the world has to join hands to face the great challenges lying ahead. It is a matter of great contentment for us to know that the bilateral relations amongst Pakistan and China are strengthening. China has proved its leadership not only in the Asian Region but has also proved its economic supremacy in today’s modern world.

Mr, Atif Mushtaq and H.E Mr. Liu Jian exchanged souvenirs. HU presented him with a shield, whereas the Ambassador presented HU with a traditional Chinese Golden Dragon, which he said would bring Good luck in the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

Media Coverage: a lot of media, TV channels and newspapers were present at the occasion to cover this event. Click  link to read article published by Express Tribune.