CELEBRATIES AT HU Workshop by Noor-Ul-Hassan and Madiha Gohar


Hajvery University (HU) students of Performing Arts and Dramatic Society (PADS) invited the two most popular celebrities of Pakistan Noor-ul-Hassan and Madiha Gohar.

Exceptional people from the Media industry in Pakistan came to visit and enlighten the students of Hajvery University regarding the Performing Arts. An overwhelming majority of students gathered in the auditorium to attend the seminar.

Madiha Gohar has worked tirelessly on all her projects to bring her home land pride. Ms. Madiha talked about what performing arts is and how to cultivate and grow talent. How the Performing Arts field demands confidence in ones self, boldness and strong belief in ones point of view to succeed. She gave an overview of her efforts for the Ajoka theatre, the social theatre running in Pakistan for over a decade, its launch and how the small group of people who had the conviction and courage to stand by their belief finally made Ajoka theatre a success story not only in Pakistan but also Internationally.

Mr. Noor ul Hassan involved the students with his hilarious jokes and tales, not only refreshing his young audience but also delivering the simple message that all it takes is belief in ones self and conviction. He told the students that life is never easy and it will always take courage and determination to succeed and become what they want to become. He told the students to follow their dreams and motivated them to achieve them. .At the end of the event shield was given by Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khalid Pervaiz to Noor-ul-Hassan and Madiha Gohar. HU platform is available for all kind of activities which polish the talent and motivate the students.

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