AIESEC, Pakistan, Traveling & Hajvery University (HU) Let the Explorations Begin! by Natalie Kruselburger

Natalie Kruselburger
Natalie Kruselburger

Natalie Kruselburger is from Schwaz, Austria. Using AIESEC as an international platform, she has travelled all the way to Lahore from Austria to work at Hajvery University (HU) & experience Pakistan at the same time. During her time with us, she will be blogging about her experiences from traveling, working, and sharing her explorations of our food, culture and everything in between!

It’sthe fifth day now since I arrived in Pakistan and the more people I get to know the more I get to learn about the Pakistani culture and traditions. When I meet new people (which I do every day) they frequently ask me the same three questions: Why Pakistan? What did your family say? How do you like Pakistan so far?

DSC_0549_exposure_resize12-300x200Every time when I hear them, I tend to laugh because they are always the first questions people ask me. I thought a lot about the first question while I was on my way to Pakistan and the only thought that came to me was, why not? Why not going to a country you don’t know, get to interact with people you normally would not get the chance to meet. I believe that sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do things you normally are not used to doing- that’s the only way to develop yourself and broaden your horizon.

Getting to the second question, what my family thought about my decision to come to Pakistan? The opinions of my family and friends were varied: my mother encourages me all the time that I should travel the world when I am young because when you are older you don’t have the courage to travel to places that has negative connotations attached to them. And the mainstream media is always seen portraying only the grim sides of the complete picture. That’s a problem because people mostly rely on the news and get scared about going to Pakistan. But I believe that people all over the world want peace to reign in their countries and not war.



What I like the most about Pakistan are the people. I have already met so many people and they were so friendly, outgoing, and polite that it took me by surprise. They are interested in cultural exchange and are very proud to present to you their way of living. What fascinated me the most (so far) is the local food because they have so many traditional dishes. In Austria we don’t have such varieties of traditional foods because we have adopted so many dishes from all over the world. The food in Pakistan is very spicy but the taste is so good that you’ll burn your mouth on purpose just to taste it.

The food in Pakistan is very spicy but the taste is so good that you’ll burn your mouth on purpose just to taste it.

Friendships developed, I discovered the real taste of Pakistani food, I got to know a new culture, I have learnt the way of living in Pakistan, I watched the authentic driving in chaotic situations I am sure I have learned so many new things which I would never have had learned had I been back home in such a short span.

I encourage you to go abroad, to travel the world! That’s the most important thing you can do to develop your personality, learn to know yourself better and find your way in a foreign country. Take risks, go beyond your comfort zones Just do it.