Adnan Abdul Khaliq, Hajvery University (HU) Study Abroad Scholarship holder, talks about his experience @ Fontys University, Netherlands.

Adnan Abdul Khaliq, Hajvery University Study Abroad Scholarship holder
Adnan Abdul Khaliq, Hajvery University Study Abroad Scholarship holder

12 Sept, 2011. Adnan Abdul Khaliq is pursuing Telecom Engineering at Hajvery University. HU awarded scholarship to Adnan for a Study Abroad Semester at Fontys University, Netherlands. The Scholarship included Return Air Ticket, Comprehensive Insurance, and 5000 Euros Stipend Money for daily expenses among other things. The following essay is written by him, which presents a glimpse of his Experience of Studying and Living Abroad in Europe.

I was studying in Fontys Hogescholen University, Netherlands in the Discipline of Electrical Engineering. Fontys is well Renowned & Famous University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, its located in the Technological heart of The Netherlands known as the City of Technology Eindhoven. This city also great historical value as Mr Philips- the inventor of Bulb, was born in this city, hence this city is known as the City of Lights.

Since the altitude of Eindhoven is below sea level it was much colder than the other parts of The Netherlands. Eindhoven is multicultural metropolis, attracting people from Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Spain, Brazil, Tunisia, India, Iran and from Schengen Countries, therefore its is blend of many different cultures.

I found the people of Eindhoven to be co-operative, friendly and very professional. They have a positive attitude towards life, and are satisfied with the facilities available in their city. Most attractive thing of Eindhoven was its Architecture the way this city was build, maintained and established further. I am quite impressed by how much they have advanced in the field of Technology as well.

At the Host University my classes began at 9 a.m. I usually had 3 classes per day and two Lab work classes. Mostly, I used to go back to my residence in the afternoon after completing the assignments with my class-fellows. I took Eight Courses: Power Electronics, Digital Techniques, Control Engineering, Frequency Analysis, Structured Design, Modeling of Physical Processes, Industrial Design for Engineering and Assembly, Embedded System and Term EXPO Project. And I successfully completed all these subjects.

I really enjoyed the festivities during their Christmas & New Year. They were the best, and most delightful days of my life. The whole city was lit and decorated in a very aesthetically pleasing way. There were HUGE Discounts in all prices of goods, clothing, electronics, and everything else. I did quite a lot of shopping during those days. I also purchased a Sony Vaio Laptop with the stipend money I got; it cost me 850 Euros and a Sony 14 Mega Pixel Digital Camera to capture these memorable days.

I travelled throughout Eindhoven using their public transport system of busses & trams.  But it was quite expensive, so as I got familiar with the roads and towns, I bought a Bicycle for myself and travelled the city via Bicycle. I also used to go to the University via the bicycle. My friends & I, also from Hajvery University (HU) travelled a lot and did shopping together. It was a great and a fascinating experience for us.

I took this wonderful opportunity to visit some other countries as well. I went to Brussels Belgium, where I stayed for one night. I went to Paris, France and stayed there for one week, in my humble opinion, Paris is the world’s most beautiful country. I visited many Landmarks and famous places in Paris: The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum ( where the famous painting of Mona Lisa is on display), Parc Luxembourg, Concorde, Wheel of Paris, Arc De Triomphe etc.

I learned some basics of Dutch & French. I made many friends from different nationalities like French, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian, Tunisian, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, German, Russian, Iranian etc. Getting to know their culture, religion and above all their approach to the education was a good experience. We also talked about our fields of Engineering, shared our knowledge and ideas on different topics. I am still in touch with them.

When I first reached there, I faced problems with my studies as I wasn’t used to studying 9 courses in a semester. Therefore, it was very difficult for me to cope up with the pace of courses there. I also had difficulties in the beginning with food and cooking for myself. But gradually I successfully faced these issues and all others which arose during the the semester.

This experience has had a great impact in my life. It has broadened my view towards life. I have acquired a wide variety of skills during the study experience in the European university environment. This experience helped me a great to expand my knowledge of Engineering as well as my knowledge about the world. This experience helped me a great deal to plan my future; I visited in many Universities for my Masters studies.

In the end I would conclude by saying that I am very Thankful to Mr Fahd and Hajvery University (HU) who believed in me, and in my skills and gave me this once in a life time, golden opportunity to study one semester at Fontys University, Eindhoven, Netherlands on a full scholarship.

HU is a joint-signatory of EM 2009-2013 Consortium of 20 Universities from Europe and SAARC countries, which allows the partner universities to send and host students between the consortium members. HU is grateful for European Commission for such initiatives and the funding to make this all possible, moreover to all our Partner Universities for co-operating to make this a success.

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