2 Day First Aid Training Workshop held in Hajvery University (HU) in collaboration with PRCS & Consice and Conceptual Series

2 Day First Aid Training Workshop held in Hajvery University
2 Day First Aid Training Workshop held in Hajvery University

March 10-11, 2011. A Youth awareness workshop on First Aid/ Emergency Treatment was held at Hajvery University(HU) Euro Campus. The event was organized by Concise and Conceptual Series in Collaboration with PRCS (Pakistan Red Crescent Society) under the supervision of Mr. Nadeem Alvi-Pharmacy Program Coordinator and Mr. Irfan Bashir- Pharmacy Lecturer.

The workshop was conducted by:

1. Mr.Imran-Trainer of PRCS

2. Mr.Zeeshan Abid-Trainer (PRCS), General Secretary CNC SERIES

3. Mr. Farhan Sohail-Trainer(PRCS), Joint Secretary CNC –SERIES, Branch Manager-Servaid Pharmacy

4. Mr. Mudassar Ilyas-Trainer (PRCS), Head of Youth Department

5. Mr. Irfan Bashir-Lecturer( HU), Director CNC-SERIES

A conceptual presentation about the organization was given to the HU Pharmacy Students, in which they learned the roles and responsibilities played by PRCS and also how it is beneficial in improving lives of vulnerable segments of the society. Furthermore they discussed about various emergency and First Aid treatments in their Presentation such as soft tissue wounds, like the typical bruises, cuts, scrapes of everyday life, life threatening accidents like puncture wounds, spurting cuts and amputations; burns, from mild sunburn to third-degree; poisoning; choking; natural encounters bee stings, poison ivy, and the dangers of anaphylactic shock.

The presentation featured games, drawings, animations and videos to maintain the interest of the students. The workshop included the practical application of CPR,  performed on dummy for adult named JUMMA KHAN and for infants dummy named BABY ANNE which gave the students a practical know-how and was of great interest for everyone. During the training, the students were  made to perform the activities on there own, with the guidance of organizers which was of great a learning experience!

To conclude the workshop HU Dean of Pharmacy, Prof.Dr. Jamshaid presented shields to the organizers as token of appreciation, moreover Certificates of Participation were distributed among the students.