Why HU: Facts

We are all vying to be different, as people, as organizations, and as institutions, as it is perennial to our success and to our growth. To put HU in the right perspective one must be aware for our ethos or the mission statement: HU is committed to imparting knowledge and cultivating a society of enlightened minds. We believe education is the liberating force which allows an individual to live a worthwhile life of personal satisfaction, and be of service to others as a human being and a citizen.

However to gain the stature which enables us to touch, inspire and educate societies we must raise ourselves to that caliber: within this realm lies our aspiration. Hajvery University has not one but countless areas where it can differentiate itself from other local universities.[/inset] We have three purpose built university campuses, which are all located in an area which can be described as the most posh area of the city; it is where the inhabitants of Lahore gather to experience Lahore. City life is an integral part of the learning experience especially if you are coming from another city or country.

Unlike many Pakistani universities which are located painfully away from the city life. Hajvery University has the edge of catering for young and seasoned professionals who work in the mornings and can easily attend university in the evening due to its centralized location.

HU in Top Ranking

Ranked Top Category by HEC as a W category University, HU is continually ranked by local and international bodies as a leading private sector university in South Asia region.

The Study Environment

All lecture halls are equipped with multimedia projectors and several other modern latest teaching aids. HU has undoubtedly the best of pharmaceutical and engineering labs. The computer labs, fashion studios, theatres, auditoriums and textile labs provide for the best and brightest minds of the society. Our HU’s Euro campus provides the ultimate learning environment for students and young professionals alike with the cornucopia of facilities accessible to them. Our facilities, systems, infrastructure and people can be ranked as among the best in Pakistan.

Personalized Attention

At HU you will get personalized attention, when you join you can discuss your future road maps with the career councilors, the teaching faculty at HU is will never say No to a question and will gladly assist you after the class times. The administration is will ensure your university environment is up to the mark or a daily basis, and will always be there to help you.


Our faculty welcomes the young minds with the slogan: we know a lot and are ready to share with you! The teaching faculty at HU includes 235 full time members as Head of Departments, Deans, Professors and Associate Professors most of whom hold PhD’s or are qualified from prestigious universities from all over the world. We also have 138 visiting faculty members who are not only specialists in their specific fields but also continually reinforce their particular disciplines through effective interaction with their specific industries, and incorporate up-to-date knowledge in their instruction.

Ranking & Accreditation

Hajvery University has been granted the Charter by the Government of Pakistan and its degrees are fully recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. HU is ranked among the handful of prestigious ‘W category’ universities by the HEC. “W” category is the highest and most prestigious ranking among Pakistani universities. This means that our degrees our degrees are recognized locally, nationally and internationally which is why a degree from HU is a real investment in your future.

Most Hi-Tech Campus

Whether you want to make a PowerPoint presentation for your class, communicate with your professor through our server or just poke someone on facebook, HU has several computer labs spread across both campuses carrying hundreds of computers, all of which are equipped with the latest in computing technology and LCD monitors. For those who like to carry their Laptops they may connect to free Wifi anywhere in the campuses.


Each campus has its own library, which carry tens of thousands of journals and textbooks relevant to your needs. HU’s Libraries have a huge collection of reference books, government documents, research material, multimedia collection, journal collection, company annual reports, press clippings and electronic database. Apart from that subscription of several magazines such as Time, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Economist and many others are also placed for students. Libraries at HU have computers facility as well for students who want to research in a quiet environment. HU has membership of DIGITAL LIBRARY & VIRTUAL LIBRARY: Any book, journal, statistics, research material along with the whole self sustained world of literature in almost any language is made available to students, because we at HU take the needs of best and the brightest seriously.

Career Development Office & Links With the Industry

HU has developed and continually develops linkages with industries which give our students the opportunities and a platform to outshine. We have signed MoU’s with Banks, IT Firms, Pharmaceutical Companies, Media Industry, and firms from any sector who share our dedication to become the pioneers of innovation. Currently we are collaborating with a venture capitalist software house which will make for us, the most comprehensive online career development office. Through which we can bring our alumni, current students and the employers on the same page. Completion of Higher Education Programs result in brighter employment prospects, we believe completing higher education programs from HU should give more than that.

Other local universities do not take career services as importantly as we do.

Personality Enhancement

At HU we conduct Personality of the Month series, in which Month we invite a successful personality, may it be and entrepreneur, a high ranking executive, TV anchors, or any other walk of life. Our students get a chance to interact with them and learn more their success stories to find the inspiration of their own lives.

Spirit of Internationalization

Universities are places with the inherent ability to give its inhabitants a variety of perspectives and opportunities. HU is a pioneer university from Pakistan among the pool of 20 established universities across the European Union and this region which collaborate among them under the umbrella of EU funded program: ERASMUS MUNDUS. Our students and faculties have the opportunity of going aboard for professional development and EU will bear all costs. While other universities may stop here, we haven’t we are very actively trying to further engage foreign established universities in range of programs such as split degree, dual degree, exchange of knowledge and research opportunities.

Broadening horizons

Our mission statement incorporates that this university provide education, which is both affordable and accessible but with any compromise on standards, to the masses:

Multan: HU is adding another huge campus in the 3rd largest city of Pakistan to cater for the locals of City of Multan. It would also be a state of the art campus with the best and most modern learning facilities. The campus itself would be an architectural wonder for the residents of the city.
Dubai, UAE: HU is crossing borders in near future and opening its first offshore campus in Dubai, UAE. The place has already been acquired and very soon we would be launching our pioneer offshore campus.

We extend our hospitality to you and invite you to come see for yourself, the quality education that we are imparting and our dedication to it. Meet and interact with our faculty members, management and students of the university.

Should you need more specific information regarding our university or have any query please feel free to contact us.

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