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Doctor of Pharmacy

Degree Overview

Campus Name:Lahore
Institute:Faculty of Pharmacy
Duration:5 Years
Credit Hours:192

Credit Hours Important Details

Pharma-D1st Semester Credit Hrs.2nd Semester Credit Hrs.Total
1st Prof.212041
2nd Prof.191938
3rd Prof.192039
4th Prof.191938
5th Prof.181836

Semester Overview

Semester 1

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I (Organic-I) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I (Organic-I) [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutical (Biochemistry-I) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutical (Biochemistry-I) [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutics-I (Physical Pharmacy-1) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutics-I (Physical Pharmacy-1) [Lab.]
  • Physiology & Histology-I [Th.]
  • Physiology & Histology-I [Lab.]
  • Anatomy
  • Pharmaceutical Mathematics

Semester 2

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Organic-II) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Organic-II) [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutical (Biochemistry-II) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutical (Biochemistry-II) [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutics-II (Physical Pharmacy-II) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutics-II (Physical Pharmacy-II) [Lab.]
  • Physiology & Histology-II [Th.]
  • Physiology & Histology-II [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Organic-II) [Th.]
  • Biostatistics

Semester 1

  • Pharmaceutics-III (Pharmaceutical Preparations-I) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-III (Pharmaceutical Preparations-I) [L]
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-I (General-I) [T]
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-I (General-I) [L]
  • Pharmacognosy-I [T]
  • Pharmacognosy-I [L]
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology-I [T]
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology-I [L]
  • Pakistan Studies

Semester 2

  • Pharmaceutics-IV (Pharmaceutical Preparations-II) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutics-IV (Pharmaceutical Preparations-II) [Lab.]
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-II (General-II) [Th.]
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-II (General-II) [Lab.]
  • Pharmacognosy-II [Th.]
  • Pharmacognosy-II [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology-II [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology-II [Lab.]
  • Islamiyat

Semester 1

  • Pathology [Th.]
  • Pathology [Lab.]
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-III
  • (Systemic Pharmacology-I) [Th.]
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-III
  • (Systemic Pharmacology-I) [Lab.]
  • Pharmacognosy-III [Th.]
  • Pharmacognosy-III [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Instrumentation-I) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Instrumentation-I) [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutics-V (Dispensing Pharmacy) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutics-V (Dispensing Pharmacy) [Lab.]

Semester 2

  • Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy [Th.]
  • Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy [Lab.]
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-IV
  • (Systemic Pharmacology-II) [Th.]
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics-IV
  • (Systemic Pharmacology-II) [Lab.]
  • Pharmacognosy-IV [Th.]
  • Pharmacognosy-IV [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IV (Instrumentation-II) [Th.]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IV (Instrumentation-II) [Lab.]
  • Pharmaceutics-VI (Community Pharmacy) [Th]
  • Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy [Th.]

Semester 1

  • Pharmaceutics-VII (Hospital Pharmacy-I) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clinical Pharmacy-I) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clinical Pharmacy-I) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-I) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-I) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-X (Bio-pharmaceutics-I) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-X (Bio-pharmaceutics-I) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-XI (Pharmaceutical Quality Mgmt.-I) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-XI (Pharmaceutical Quality Mgmt.-I) [L]

Semester 2

  • Pharmaceutics-VII (Hospital Pharmacy-II) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clinical Pharmacy-II) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clinical Pharmacy-II) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-II) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-II) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-X (Bio-pharmaceutics-II) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-X (Bio-pharmaceutics-II) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-XI (Pharmaceutical Quality Mgmt.-II) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-XI (Pharmaceutical Quality Mgmt.-II) [L]

Semester 1

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal-I) [T]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal-I) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-XVII (Clinical Pharmacy-III) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-XVII (Clinical Pharmacy-III) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-XVIII (Pharmaceutical Tech.-I) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-XVIII (Pharmaceutical Tech.-I) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-XIX (Forensic Pharmacy-I) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-XX

Semester 2

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal-II) [T]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal-II) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-XVII (Clinical Pharmacy-IV) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-XVII (Clinical Pharmacy-IV) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-XVIII (Pharmaceutical Tech.-II) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-XVIII (Pharmaceutical Tech.-II) [L]
  • Pharmaceutics-XIX (Forensic Pharmacy-II) [T]
  • Pharmaceutics-XX

Fee Structure

Admission Fees:Rs 25,000/- (Payable Onetime only)
Semester Fees:Rs 137,500/-
Admission Time:Rs.25,000 + Rs.137,500 = Rs.162,500

Degree Recognition:


HU offers Merits and Need-Based Scholarships under different programs:

  • Merit Scholarships at the time of New Admission.
  • Scholarships based on Academic Performance in second and subsequent semesters.
  • Partner Colleges Discounts
  • Kinship Discounts
  • Discounts for Disabled Students
  • Discounts for Alumni
  • Special Scholarships for Female Students

Important Information:

  • Fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • University has discretion to revise course offering or credit hours mentioned above which may result some variation in fee accordingly.
  • University has discretion to revise fee & dues as deemed necessary by the authorities time to time.
  • Monthly fees are payable quarterly.
  • Degree Specialization will only be offered if there are minimum 15 students.

Career Opportunities:

The Students of Pharmacy becomes Pharmacist. The Pharmacist can also choose the Additional Designations, they have most important role in human life. Doctors Research the Disease and Pharmacist make its cure. They both go at the same line. Like Doctors they also have to specialize in the Fields of Medical Sciences.

  • Doctors.
  • Pharmacist.
  • Clinical Research.
  • Writer.
  • Pharmacologist.
  • Community Pharmacist.
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