a. Introduction to Accounting. Basic accounting terminologies, generally
accepted Accounting principles. Accounting System. Accounting
Equation (Balance Sheet Concept). Accounting cycle.
b. Recording the business transactions: Vouchers, Journal, Ledger and
Trial Balance.
c. Subsidiary Ledgers for sales, purchases, cash, banking transactions,
Bank Reconciliation.
d. The periodical adjustment and closing process of accruals, deferrals,
inventory, depreciation, uncollectible and correction of errors. Capital
and Revenue. Provision and Reserve.
e. The Worksheet, Financial Statements, Income Statement, and
Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement (Direct Method) Statement of
owners equity.


1. Meigs and Meigs, Accounting. The Basis for Business Decisions
McGraw-Hill Book Company.
2. M. Arif & Suhail Afzal, Accounting, Azim Academy Lahore.
3. Ghani M. A, Principles of Accounting, Salman Publishers, Lahore.
4. Imdike, Hemkep & Smith, Principles of Accounting.
5. Niswonger and Fess Accounting Principles South-Western?
6. Ch. Muhammad Hanif and Azam Shafiq, Fundamentals of
Accounting, Etisam Publishers, Urdu Bazar, Lahore.
  • Overview Open or Close

    Degree awarded: B.Com-IT

    Programme Recognition: HEC (Higher Education Commission of Pakistan)

    2 Years 

    Total Semester: 4 Semesters

    Duration of a Semester:
    4 Months

    Number of courses per semester: 5 Courses

    Credits Hours:

    20 courses of 3 Cr. Hrs.        =    60  Cr. Hrs.
    Internship                          =    03   Cr. Hrs.
    TOTAL                              =     63  Cr. Hrs.

    Entry Requirement: Intermediate, A-levels, American High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate
    Award of the Degree: A student must achieve minimum 2.50 CGPA to qualify for the degree

    Credit Hours Allocation


    20 courses of 3 Cr. Hrs each = 60 Cr Hrs
    Internship & Viva Voca         = 03 Cr Hrs

    Total                                 = 63 Cr Hrs

    Academic department:   HU School of Commerce and Banking

    Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Contact telephone: +92-42-111-777-007

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    B.Com-IT Course Outline

    Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4




  • About the Course Open or Close

    Program Introduction

    The Bachelors of Commerce degree builds on a common foundation of business and economics courses. Commerce students may specialize in one of the three programs: finance & economics, management, or accounting. Each program combines career oriented courses in management and applied economics with a wide variety of advanced courses.

    The balance assures graduates of solid understanding of business and modern society along with a command of critical skills in decision making and organizational leadership.


  • Career Opportunities Open or Close


    Internships are considered as very important part of the program, therefore 10 weeks internship has been made mandatory of every student enrolled in B.Com (Hons). HU students have the chance to do internships in leading national and international companies, providing them with a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge of their field’s professional world and thus increasing their appeal from a recruitment perspective. Most of the HU students are also able to secure a job in the company during their internships.

    Internship programs are designed for first year to last year students, including formula like mentoring to strengthen their academic training with work experience and real world professional practicing. Internships involve helping out in the development of quality projects and knowing every department in a company, which also gives the student  a managerial focus and know how that will help them project their careers.

    HU students are easily identified by their managerial, entrepreneurial and out of the box approach during their internship programs. During your time at HU our qualified professionals will teach you how to deal with the employment process, write an attractive CV or deal with a job interview. Communication skills including non-verbal communication is also very important and cannot be left behind. In a nutshell, we will put in your hands every tool necessary to improve and groom your natural skills and help you have a kick start in the job market.

  • Fee and Financial Aid Open or Close

    B.Com (IT) 2 Years

    Admission Fee = Rs. 20,000

    Per Month  =   Rs.7000  (For 1st Year)

    Per Month  =   Rs.8000  (For 2nd Year)

    At the time of Admission  = Rs.20,000 + 28,000 = 48,000

    B.Com (Hons.)

    Admission Fee = Rs. 20,000

    Per Month  =   Rs.7000  (For 1st Year)

    Per Month  =   Rs.8000  (For 2nd Year)

    At the time of Admission  = Rs.20,000 + 28,000 = 48,000

  • International Exchange Open or Close
    Hajvery University is the only university of Pakistan to have such a diverse range of international agreements and partnerships. Our students and faculty members have been greatly benefiting from these bilateral agreements, to enhance their international qualification and exposure.   
    The international exchange experience is matchless and unforgettable for our students. It helps them broaden their personal and business horizons and enjoy unique cultural and academic experiences.
    At HU Business School we promote international exchanges with other universities. We currently have agreements with over 20 of the world’s top universities. Our students have been attaining full benefit from these agreements and have been frequently going abroad under these programs.  
    Corporations affect every corner of the world. No matter where you go in life, business will be there. At HU Business School you will learn much more than business administration. You will study abroad, select another degree or set the foundation toward a postgraduate degree. When you graduate, you will be prepared to make an impact in any field, not just business.