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Life On Campus

AT HU, you can play an active role in any of the student organizations, or start one on your own. You can participate in a sport or watch your favorite sport on campus, attend an original performance or perform in one. You can learn to make paint or exhibit your work during exhibitions.

You’ll meet people from all over Pakistan, eat delicious food from the cafeteria , see a concert, or make a film. Your mentors  will teach you to advocate for justice, support a Nobel cause, or make a difference in the world.

Student life at HU

Campus life and being a part the students union at HU is a very unique experience. We give our students a platform and the liberty to express every aspect of themselves. They can create a synergy with the HU management to arrange sports events, art exhibitions, cultural shows, social events, form societies and conduct educational seminars for the intellectual minds. Furthermore if you’ve got a brilliant idea, we’ll gladly lend you an ear! Go to the student life section.

Virtual Tour

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Extra Curricular

Lahore itself being a metropolitan city, and the hub of all that is ‘In’ and ‘happening’ in the country provides endless possibilities of entertainment. Combine that with the close proximity of our campuses to what can be called the downtown of Lahore (since there isn’t one per se) what you have is a myriad of multiplex cinemas, art theaters, restaurants and coffee shops which can make the city seem a paradise if you are a social bug. And that’s just the city life, the students at HU enjoy incredibly rich and varied social life and entertainment on campus. Popular bands perform live to the heartbeats of the students. This is just one of the endless possibilities you have on the platform we at HU give our students to rise and outshine among their peers.

Student Organizations

Everyone likes versatile people, companies look for this quality in their employees, in social groups versatile people always have something to add and experience to share, moreover in your professional career you might be faced with the dilemma of changing careers for some divine reason which is why it is so important to be versatile in life.

Societies play a pivotal role in polishing your intrapersonal or people skills , adding to your knowledge whether in dramatics, or debating, or chess. At HU, we have several societies but we never say no to brilliant ideas, so if you are a unique individual with a unique idea share with us!


HU arranges fashion shows to give our fashion and textile students a platform. Societies prepare theater performances, movie screening, art works even intellectual show case of their work . We on our part put their work on a stage and throw spotlights at them so the world can see them more clearly.


Doctors suggest to stay healthy one must walk for an hour at least three days in a week, we want our students to stay healthy and stay sharp. The university campuses offer spacious grounds to play a cornucopia of games, whether it’s a game of badminton or table tennis or the game we all grew up playing and watching on our tv sets, the game which sets our pulse rocketing skywards, yes the game of cricket!


In how many ways can you say delicious food? Our cafeteria can say it in more 100 ways in just one language, that’s the number of items on their menu. But there’s more, the food they serve is hygienic, its fresh and the cafeteria sitting provides a great experience on its own!


In the fast paced life styles of the 21st century, we tend to become indifferent to our spiritual side.

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