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How To Apply

A level credits you can receive

If you are taking the A level Exams you may be eligible for credits when you take admission at HU. To learn more about our credit transfer policies seek guidance from the Admission Executive or Academic Counselor. However in a nutshell you can get credits for Alevel Subjects such as Business Studies, English etc

Get Credits for English proficiency exams

Students who have gained above average grades in SAT or Ilets, they can be eligible for credits. You may ask the admission executive or academic counselor for further details.

Visit HU individually or in a group

You are welcome to experience the campuses and our dedication to teaching excellence. Whether you are a student as a school across the nations, a parent or university advisor at your school you can schedule a visit individually or in a group. HU can help you in finding accommodation if you are coming from outside Lahore or Pakistan.

Get Connected with HU through Social communities: facebook, YouTube

Hang out with HU at these social forums, learn more about our traditions, our people, and interact with existing and prospective students.

Subscribe to Newsletter & stay in the loop

The best way to learn more about us is to track what happens at HU; the seminar, symposiums, sports events, extra circular events, exhibitions and a lot more. So whether you are ready to take admission or you are searching for universities well before completion your schooling. You can benefit by signing up for the newsletter.

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Apply For Job